About Smexy-Nation

Since 2016 SmexyNation aka Smexy-Nation has created kinky 3D animations through a animation tool known as Source Filmmaker. In this powerful tool, female video game characters are bought to life and appreciated from head to toe.

Whether it's showcasing their barefeet, rear ends or simply turning them into giantesses, Smexy-Nation has it covered. The blog first came out in 2017 and soon set a new standard of appreciation for beautiful fictional women in video games, anime, cartoons and comics.

SmexyNation started out as a adult blog on Tumblr but soon after extended it's reach to fetish art and made a name for it's self on Deviantart, since then SmexyNation has gradually moved away from adulterated smut and instead focused more on soft kinky art.

There's no denying that the love of gaming has made this website possible or else it wouldn't exist. Like myself If you find female characters in video games or animation attractive and can appreciate their outer beauty then this blog is perfect for you.