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About Smexy-Nation

Since 2016 SmexyNation aka Smexy-Nation has created kinky 3D animations through a animation tool known as Source Filmmaker. In this powerful tool, female video game characters are bought to life and appreciated from head to toe.

Whether it's showcasing their barefeet, rear ends or simply turning them into giantesses, Smexy-Nation has it covered. The blog first came out in 2017 and soon set a new standard of appreciation for beautiful fictional women in video games, anime, cartoons and comics.

SmexyNation started out as a adult blog on Tumblr but soon after extended it's reach to fetish art and made a name for it's self on Deviantart, since then SmexyNation has gradually moved away from adulterated smut and instead focused more on soft kinky art.

There's no denying that the love of gaming has made this website possible or else it wouldn't exist. Like myself If you find female characters in video games or animation attractive and can appreciate their outer beauty then this blog is perfect for you.


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Top 10 sexiest dark skin anime girls

Cute anime girls come in all shapes and sizes, but here's a selection of the most attractive dark skin anime girls to appear in Japanese animation, all of them smoking hot in their own right, while unique in appearance and design. You probably won't find these melanated beings featured in many top 10 anime lists dedicated to the best waifus, but that doesn't change the fact that these 2D girls are literal eye candy who also deserve their roses.  Michiko Malandro - Michiko to Hatchin As the main protagonist of Michiko to Hatchin, Michiko Malandro is a wild spirit and free-willed diva who apparently breaks out of a maximum security prison on several occasions. Despite her mature appearance, Michiko has a tendency to be loud and immature, prone to throw a hissy fit when things don't go her way. Naturally she is always the center of attention and competitive in nature. A woman who isn't afraid to stand in someone's face and give them a piece of her mind. Despite thi

Inside the world of Fortnite feet and giantess skins

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in existence, standing on Mount Everest with other prevalent franchises such as Tetris, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto to name a few, and with every popular game grows a fandom who produces fan art of their favourite characters or in this case skins. It's also a known fact that each fandom has a filthy or shall we say weird side of the spectrum that is often frowned upon by the normies yet ironically in the same breath sought after in high demand depending on where you look.  No not we're not talking about the abundance of rule 34 and futa shenanigans, that's another story for another day, we are in fact talking about the niche community of 3d artists who create feet and giantess fetish art of Fortnite characters in source Filmmaker also known as my world. Beyond the world of sfm artists who make posters and wallpapers on twitter is a less exposed community  of fetish artists who mesh feet onto their favorite s

Female Vore in Video Games

Let's face it, there's isn't much girl vore in mainstream games. Whenever vore occurs it's usually a hideous monster or wild animal who has the pleasure of whetting their appetite. Nevertheless we managed to find the hottest vore characters to devour prey. These woman are cruel, hungry and just plain evil and we wouldn't have it any other way.