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Why is Tifa so Hot

tifa ff7 remake

Tifa Lockhart is arguably the most recognisable and popular Final Fantasy girl, she's also extremely easy on the eyes. Out of all her appearances, Final Fantasy VII Remake turns up the heat and gives fans a version of Tifa which rivals even her cinematic Advent Children appearance.

Although Tifa's character design has gone through striking changes, she still looks better than ever. Square Enix's ethics department wanted her to appear more athletic so they slimmed her down, giving the iconic video game character visible abs, black stockings and a sports bra as part of her redesign. 

The major thing is that Tifa resembles “Tifa” in the remake. Only this time it doesn’t feel like she was designed by a room of dudes who wanted to make her “sexy” purely for fan service. 

Our perfect, beautiful monk. Her hairdo, eye colour, and earrings are all spot on for the bar owner turned brawler. Here's several reasons why she is so damn hot in the remake. 

Her face 

tifa face

Tifa doesn't need a huge bust size to attract attention, because her beautiful round face turns heads. Her face structure is perfect and Square Enix literally couldn't have done her any better. Tetsuya Nomura may have somewhat sullied the original story, but his reimagining of Tifa is simply flawless.

It would be simpler to describe her eyes as ‘almond-shaped. Soft yet fiery, eyes which turn out to be almost irresistible at times. While small, they have a lot to express. The reddish hue in her eyes appears mystifying, innate, and at times, mesmerizing.
she looks slightly more Eurasian than her original 1997 appearance
What's particularly noticeable about Tifa's facial features is how she looks slightly more Eurasian than her original 1997 appearance. This wasn't no accident either because in an interview with Famitsu magazine Nomura stated that the team wanted to separate Aerith and Tifa visually, which ultimately led to them giving Tifa an Eastern-style look.

Whether she's interacting with someone in a cutscene, standing idly next to other party members or simply kicking butt, there's no denying that her face is often a pleasant distraction from the game's vivid atmosphere and we don't think we could've asked for a more faithful transition to a more realistic model.

Those Abs

tifa abs

What’s more distracting: Tifa’s abs or Cloud in a dress? Don't bother to answer that question because her abs steal every scene. As a martial artist, Tifa keeps her body in great shape and this is greatly reflected through her yummy chiseled stomach.

As Tifa completes her pull up reps in the pull up mini game from the Wavering Heart side quest, you are rewarded with a clear view of her glistening abs, as she works up a sweat. Well of course that's if you can concentrate on them as you attempt to complete the most difficult mini-game found in the game.

While Tifa's midriff was exposed in the original game it wasn't much to write home about due to graphical limitations, plus they were pretty much overshadowed by her melons, but you could say the roles have been reversed in the remake, because fans have been drooling over them ever since she was first revealed and can you blame them? 

Her style

tifa dresses ff7 remake

Self-assured Tifa manages to deliver the wow factor every time, no matter what she's wearing and her flexible wardrobe proves she's a fashion chameleon, able to move from tomboy to girly girl with relative ease.

Just take her default outfit for instant, the prominent getup is extremely easy on the eyes. An outfit which sends the clear message, casual yet trendy. While the development team of Final Fantasy VII Remake essentially toned down Tifa's chest and gave her more fitting clothes, her attire isn't any less sexy.
An outfit which sends the clear message, casual yet trendy. 
Unlike the original, Tifa is given a supportive sports bra and some black stockings as part of her redesign for Final Fantasy VII, but this change hasn't anything taken away from her sex appeal. Tifa now resembles an elite athlete and these extra bits of clothing show that it's possible to be sporty plus alluring.

She wears the hell out of that miniskirt which has pleated segments to make it easier for her to perform martial arts. It's so short that every time she kicks she flashes the camera, revealing a pair of ass-hugging undershorts. Now who isn't a fan of Zangetsu style?

Tifa also wears an assortment of stylish gloves which can be unlocked as you progress throughout the game, and the purple pain which are leather gloves made from the hide of a ferocious beast look extremely attractive on her deadly hands.

Not only do these gloves look sexy but they are ideal for landing critical hits. Combined with her speed, these weapons allow Tifa to give it her all when it comes to physical attacks. You can pick them up in the lobby of the Shinra Tower in Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast, during the section where she is solo.

Tifa definitely knows how to dress for the occasion when the opportunity arises and if she wasn't already hot, her alternative outfits crank up the heat to full blast, run Shiva run. 

Players who finish all of the side quests in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will gain access to a Discovery Event called Alone At Last. In this Discovery Event, Tifa asks Cloud to help her choose a dress to wear for the night out, and she provides him with three choices: something mature, sporty or exotic. 

All the dresses are saucy but if we had to pick out two for Tifa to wear, it would definitely be the mature and sporty outfits, but of course this is all down to personal preference. Speaking of which, isn't Tifa's blue dress spellbinding?

The indigo mini dress comes with matching heels and large gold moon earrings, similar to the dress she wore in the original game, and is the only outfit inspired by "western" style".

 It also reveals her cleavage. That right there is canonical, Square-Enix approved, one hundred authentic, no fanart, no mods, no "ifs", "ands" or "buts" about it, Tifa cleavage. Many people companied that Tifa got nerfed, but that couldn't possibly be further from the truth. 

Her voice

A voice can make or break a character no matter how attractive their design is, but voice actress Britt Baron breathes new life into Tifa and gives her that extra oomph. An example of this is Tifa's feisty voice lines while she beats her opponents up.

Britt does a great job of delivering Tifa's cocky battle phrases like "gotcha", "time to end this" and "finish them", small voice lines which are unintentionally sexy and at the same time motivating when taking down enemies.

The hair 

tifa hairstyle

Tifa’s dark brown hair sharply contrasts the spikiness of Cloud's. It may seem like a minor detail at first, but Tifa’s long flowing hair is actually one of the most widely acclaimed aspects of her attractiveness. Her silky strands are both a reflection of her fierce fighting style and a symbol of her beauty. 

When she first made her debut on the video game scene in the late '90s, there was a lot of talk about her smokin' hot body, but 

She's tough

In the testosterone-fueled world of the “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” Tifa stands out as the game’s toughest female character. Since the original game — as a bar owner and honorary member of Avalanche — she has battled everything with her bare fists to prove she’s one of the squad’s strongest.

When it comes to raw pummelling monsters into grim chunks of-meaty defeat with your bare hands strength, that's all Tifa and she does it so effortlessly. Her merciless attitude has probably launched many straight into hard mode and we're not talking about game difficulty.

What makes Tifa one of the toughest women in the game is not just because of her ability to dish out  punishment, but also the unbelievable amount of resolve and confidence she has when taking on Midgar's mightiest foes.


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