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10 Hottest anthropomorphic female characters in Video Games

Hottest anthropomorphic characters
There's no shortage of attractive anthro characters in video games and with their perfect curves, skimpy outfits and soft features, naturally these anthropomorphic female characters ooze sex appeal and attract tons of attention. 

Krystal (Starfox)

Krystal Star fox costume

Krystal is beautiful just she is popular, and it's not hard to see why the blue vixen has a strong fan base despite not being relevant in a mainline title since 2006. First appearing in Star Fox Adventures, she has gone on to become one of the most recognisable furry characters to debut in a video game series.

Rouge The Bat

rouge the bat sonic

Needless to say Sonic The Hedgehog gears towards a younger audience, but quite frankly there's nothing kid-friendly about Rouge, a flirtatious bat who oozes with sexual appeal. Debuting in Sonic Adventure 2 as a treasure hunter, she is practically the sex symbol of Sega.

Tawna Bandicoot

Tawna bandicoot redesign

Once upon a time Crash's girlfriend was deemed too provocative for the Crash Bandicoot games, hence why she disappeared after the first game, yes she's that hot. Fortunately the blonde bombshell returned in the 2017 remaster with a toned down yet arguably hotter appearance .


This quirky and whimsical octoling is one of the two members of Off The Hook, a group featured in Splatoon 2 that hosts Inkopolis news. She also happens to be ridiculously beautiful. Not only that but Marina is a cheeky gal, which only serves to make her even more attractive.

 Candy Kong 

Candy Kong

There's no shame in admitting Donkey Kong's girlfriend is one hot spanking ape and if you think otherwise then you're clearly in denial. Nintendo or more specifically Rareware clearly gave her qualities of a supermodel and it shows because this kong is sweet as candy. 


Elora spyro reignited

Elora's redesign was met with a mixed reaction by long time Spyro the Dragon fans when first revealed, but true be told it's the best this spunky faun has ever looked. Despite stiff competition from her peers, Elora is one of the cutest characters in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

 Carmelita Fox 

Carmelita looks good and that's an understatement, because this tall specimen is definitely in the conversation of "characters anyone will turn furry for" and it comes with little surprise.

 While Carmelita's redesign in Sly Cooper Thieves in time doesn't do her much justice, forget about that and just admire her stunning aesthetics in Sly 2: Bands of Thieves.

Felicia (Darkstalkers)

felicia darkstalkerFelicia made her first appearance in Darkstalker and no that's not a party costume, she's a literal cat woman. Fun fact she also has one of the largest busts in a fighting game, even outmatching the notorious Mai Shiramui from the King of Fighters series. 


um jammer lammy

Simplistic in her stage attire as the lead guitarist of the band Milkcan and protagonist of Um Jammer Lammy, she has perfected the art of awkward but cute. With her tall slender presence and bright red hairdo, fans easily fall in love with her.

Tiny Kong

In Donkey Kong 64 before her redesign,Tiny Kong was a munchkin and there was nothing sexually appealing about her. However puberty hit Tiny like a ton of bricks in Diddy Kong Racing DS and it's at that very moment she went from cute to hot.


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