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Why Nessa Is the Best girl in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon sword and shield review

Nessa took the internet by storm when Gamefreak first revealed the water type gym leader in June and it's hardly surprising why, just look at her. Nessa's character design is hot, or uh, water based.

Her make-up is perfectly blended, she rocks huge hoop earrings, a skintight swimsuit perfect for a sportswoman and most importantly her skin is flawless. Also her sandals have tiny floats on them.Well ok.

Nessa also has fans ecstatic because she's among a growing list of Pokémon trainers in the series who are dark-skinned and female. This is essential given that majority of Pokémon characters are a great deal  fair skinned.

Misty, it is time to stand aside because Nessa is the brand spanking new all-time master of water-type Pokémon and we have decided to stan her forever. Still not convinced yet? Well here are several other reasons as to why Nessa is the best girl in Nintendo Switch's Pokemon Sword and Shield.

pokemon sword and shield nessa

She's Exotic 

The Hulbury gym leader is shrouded in mystery and possesses unique attractiveness unseen before in the Pokemon series, the blue streaks in her dark flowing jet blue hair, radiating melanated skin and light blue eyes all contribute to her natural exotic beauty and help her solely stand out from her vanilla counterparts.

She has style and grace

Leave it to the swimmer to step out in a fresh poke-inspired swimsuit with nothing left to imagination. Though she kills it each and every time she does step into the arena, also don't let that distract from her equally aesthetic accessories, adorable sandals, sexy hand fit glove and the dainty blue streaks in her hair, giving Nessa one of the boldest looks in the game.

She's flexible 

Most of us have a hard time touching our toes without feeling a little pain but evidently not Nessa who is clearly very flexible as she effortlessly lifts her foot above her head as she sends her first Pokemon into battle. Funnily enough Nessa's league card has this exact pose as her photo, an innuendo that writes itself. Oh good ole Gamefreak.

nessa pokemon sword and shield

Her Walk

Nessa walks as if she were on a catwalk, a fitting place for a stunner such as herself. Simply put the gym leader's casual stroll is quite sexy as she enters the arena to face her opponent, especially while swaying those bony hips and exposing that much leg.

Those expressions

Nessa is an expressive gal with lots of adorable expressions, whether she's gleaming with joy or holding her head in a fit of rage after losing, it's all really cute stuff and dare we she has the cutest looking expressions in the game.

She has her toes out

We have to ponder whether Gamefreak had foot fetishists in mind when designing Nessa's feet and unveiling her toes in those funky sandals or whether they just felt a pair of sandals would be the perfect fit since she's a swimmer. Either way Nessa's toes look brown and scrumptious.

Those Legs 

Nessa is already one of the most fashionable girls in the game. She also has arguably the nicest legs in Sword and Shield. An obvious fitness nut, her legs are slim and flexible indicating an interest in keeping them in shape, and she enjoys showing them off in shorts and sandals.

She's a waifu 

Nessa is indeed a waifu and the internet most certainly agree. She already almost broke the internet for all the right and wrong reasons, she's also one of the most popular and cutest characters in the game, so there's no doubt in a majority of fans minds that she is the ultimate waifu of Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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