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How Death Stranding makes eating bugs look sexy

No one can deny that Death Stranding is one of the strangest video games of all time, just ask the million of  of gamers who have played the game or seen gameplay footage of it posted on Youtube, and this is hardly surprising with video game producer Hideo Kojima at the helm.

Hideo Kojima shocked the gaming world when he unveiled his project at E3 2016. Death Stranding looked disturbing. Several years later, the game was released in November 2019 and it has lived up to it's reputation of being one of the weirdest games ever made. Case in point, consumption of cryptobiotes.

If you already have a phobia of creepy crawlies, cryptobiotes definitely won't help matters. These tiny pink creatures look like juicy maggots, with six wiggly limbs to boot. We are first introduced to them through Fragile, who eats one in the prelude of Death Stranding.

Sam feeding a cryptobiote to Fragile in Death Stranding

She claims that consuming one will help keep the deadly effects of timefall at bay, though in the game it simply replenishes your blood. Nevertheless, the idea of stuffing a cryptobiote in your mouth is probably hard to stomach for many, although watching Fragile do it isn't half as bad.

Just so you're aware, cryptobiotes are a regimen for Sam in Death Stranding. These tiny creatures are generally found flying around nests scattered throughout the landscape, though once you gain access to fast travel, a jar of cryptobiotes can be found on your table in Private Rooms and Safe Houses.

Now there's nothing visually appealing about watching Sam eat bugs although on the other hand, Fragile's obsession with eating them is mildly arousing to say the least, and as an avid fan of vore it's most pleasing to see such an attractive woman devour a squirming fetus bug in the way she does.

Fragile eating bug in death stranding

She doesn't just swallow the poor things, she makes sure to chew them up before digesting them, so smug, as if eating her favourite chocolate that she picked out of a candy box. Meanwhile her facial expression quite content, as if experiencing a foodgasm which is overwhelming her taste buds.

We can't recall a single moment in video games where a woman eats bugs in such fashion and while games like Elder Scrolls Skyrim allow you to consume bees and other edibles in the world, never before have we seen such a vivid insect eating scene much like Death Stranding.

There's a reason why videos of women eating live bugs have over million of views on Youtube, people enjoy watching cute girls eat creepy crawlies or their curiosity are piqued and Death Stranding has managed to be one of the first ever video games to showcase such an extraordinary feat.

People tend to be turned on by taboo things and for many this will be the first time they have witnessed a woman eating insects so graphicly. While dozens will find these scenes repulsive, others will want to see more and they'll go looking for more similar scenes, and that's the beauty of Death Stranding and why it's the weirdest game ever.


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