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Top 10 Hottest Ebony Video Game Characters of 2019

black female characters in video games 2019

These past couple years we have rapidly seen an increase in female video game characters of a darker hue popping up in more games from the likes of popular free to play MMO games such as Fortnite to several fighting games, example Master Raven from Tekken 7 and Menat from Street Fighter just to name a few and the year of 2019 is no different.

These gorgeous 3D girls have cute character designs, stand out from their counterparts and deserve the spotlight just as much love as their pale peers, so without further ado here are the top ten sexiest melanated female video game characters of 2019.

10. Bangalore (Apex Legends)

Apex Legends Bangalore

As a tactical soldier in Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends free to play Battle Royale, Bangalore may not be the most feminine looking female character you'll come across in a video game but there's just something about her that fairly stimulates our manhood. With Bangalore it's a case of the more you look at her the hotter she becomes and she shows us tomboys can be just as sexy.

9. Jacqui Briggs (Mortal Kombat 11)

Mortal Kombat 11 Jacqui Briggs

With each new iteration of Mortal Kombat we get redesigns of the fighters and we must admit this year's designs have been some of the best the series has seen in recent years, regardless of the backlash by the vocal minority, especially kombat kid Jacqui Briggs who has had the greatest glow up moment in video game history.

We love Jacqui’s new design. Her skin is dark, her nose is wide and her locs are flawless! Plus she has one of the best asses in fighting games.

8. Match Point (Fortnite)

Fortnite match point

Epicgames have been pumping out skins like nobody's business ever since the first season dropped back in late 2017 and one of the cutest sport themed skins in the game is Match Point, a tennis player with a cute smile, white clean outfit and smooth melanated skin, eat your heart out Serena Williams.

7. Mickey (Far Cry New Dawn)

Far Cry New Dawn Mickey

The adorable villainess and main antagonist of the Far Cry spin-off Michelle better known as Mickey is a ruthless and mean young woman who has no problem in pillaging, enslaving and killing anything that gets in her way along with her twin sister Lou, oh and did we mention they're also hot as hell, though we'll give always give the edge to Mickey. Designed by Olivier Sayer.

6. Luxe (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite luxe

Epicgames surprised the hell out of it's fanbase when they announced that Luxe would be season eight's 100 tier battle pass skin, an exotic female skin with lots of sass and cuteness rolled into one.

She looks different, is cute as hell and brings something new to the game which it was previously lacking. We especially adore her complexion, alluring yellow eyes and hip fashion sense, from her crop top and pigtails all the way down to her hi top sneakers. Designed by Airborn Studios.

5. Lifeline (Apex Legends)

Apex Legends Lifeline

The most popular and cutest character to come from the game, Lifeline definitely helped surged the popularity of Apex Legends in it's early days and that's understandable considering how adorable and hip her character design is.

 Lifeline's vibrant hair colour, cheeky personality and cute babyface is the reason why she's the best girl. Her face was designed by Gary Huang.

4. Yemoja (SMITE)

Smite Yemoja

Titan Forge Games really outdid themselves when they created Yemoja in all her glory, for so long Smite was missing an ebony goddess but the developers at long last finally delivered and blessed us with the Yoruba God Yemoja and we must admit we're impressed. Yemoja looks amazing and breathes new life into the fragmented series.

3. Nessa  (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

Nessa Pokemon Sword and Shield

Gamefreak's recent tradition of tossing in an attractive ebony waifu trainer as fan service (which sort of began with Olivia in Pokemon Sun and Moon ) thankfully continues with Nessa, a gym leader who specialises in water type Pokemon. This blue eyed dark skinned beauty is cutesy from head to toe and blow her peers out the water.

2. Senna (League of Legends)

Senna League of Legends

It took Riot Games over a decade to finally add a black female champion to League of Legends but they finally pulled the trigger in 2019 and to say Senna looks stunning would be an understatement. Not to sound biased but Senna is without a doubt one of the best character designs to come from the game and Riot Games did it so effortlessly. She was designed by Daniel Molnar.

1. Imani (Paladins) 

Paladins Imani

Evil Mojo Games did the right thing when they hired Thunder Brush to design their latest champion Imani because this gorgeous character is the epitome of beauty and she's classy with it. This beautiful chatacter with her bountiful natural hair, juicy plump lips and the most appealing physique has quietly gained a fan-base and warranted praised. 


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