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The cutest Sword and Shield Pokemon

Nobody with a soul could resist the cute looking critters in Pokemon, it's just not possible no matter how hard you try to repel their charm and Sword and Shield has only gone and introduced the cutest Pokemon in the series yet.

No we're not referring to fan favourites Alcremie and Wooloo. We are in fact speaking of Hatterene the 6'11 dual-type Psychic/Fairy Pokemon who evolves from Hattrem beginning at level 42 and is the final form of Hatenna.

This borderline anthropomorphic cutie who also happens to resemble a buttplug joins the elite rank of saucy waifumons to appear in the series such as Gardevoir, Lopunny, and Tsareena respectively and she's without a doubt the most attractive Pokemon to come out of the Galar region.

We wouldn't be surprised if Hattrene was the kind of pokemon that lures horny males into the forest, only to murder them on sight, and that situation would be completely understandable due to how freaking adorable  she is.

She's already been…

Why Nessa Is the Best girl in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The hottest ghost in Luigi's Mansion 3

The Last Resort Hotel in Luigi's Mansion 3 has quite a few bosses, some of which are more difficult than others but none more sexier than Serpci, the tenth boss encountered in the game who haunts the Tomb Suites and guards the eleventh floor elevator button.

Nintendo always find a way to include waifu bait in their games, whether's it's Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 or Pokemon Sword and Shield to be exact, it's sort of become a tradition for them in Nintendo Switch games and Luigi Mansion 3 is no different.

The pharaoah Queen is evil as much she is a tease, the perfect combination for such a cute looking ghost. Luigi first discovers her by foolishly opening her coffin in her musty tomb, which awakens the sleeping beauty from her deep slumber.

She then triggers a booby trap which sends our ghost catcher down to a sandpit maze, in which he must make his way back up to the main area after taking a momentarily L.

The way she hypnotically sways her body and arms as she fl…

Perspective: Creating Giantess Art in SFM

My journey into creating fetish art began when I joined Deviantart in 2016, an art website infamous for having a huge, almost inescapable amount of it. At this time I was already dabbling in Source Filmmaker and experimenting with porn on Tumblr but my heart just wasn't in the right place.

Sfm's smut scene was over saturated and the animators were leagues ahead of me in both experience and followers. Instead I found more pleasure in posing feet and giving female characters dominance over their victims, which made perfect sense since I had developed a foot and crush fetish long before.

My passion for video games and feeble bugs being crush and stepped on barefoot by cruel woman only fuelled my desire to create an plenteous amount of giantess art and the more time I spent on Deviantart is the deeper into the rabbit's hole I found myself.

Source Filmmaker made this all possible in the first place, a movie-making tool built by Valve, a tool I consider easy to learn but diffi…

Inside the world of Fortnite feet and giantess skins

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in existence, standing on Mount Everest with other prevalent franchises such as Tetris, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto to name a few, and with every popular game grows a fandom who produces fan art of their favourite characters or in this case skins.

It's also a known fact that each fandom has a filthy or shall we say weird side of the spectrum that is often frowned upon by the normies yet ironically in the same breath sought after in high demand depending on where you look.

 No not we're not talking about the abundance of rule 34 and futa shenanigans, that's another story for another day, we are in fact talking about the niche community of 3d artists who create feet and giantess fetish art of Fortnite characters in source Filmmaker also known as my world.

Beyond the world of sfm artists who make posters and wallpapers on twitter is a less exposed community  of fetish artists who mesh feet onto their favorite skins and abus…

Top 10 Hottest Ebony Video Game Characters of 2019

These past couple years we have rapidly seen an increase in female video game characters of a darker hue popping up in more games from the likes of popular free to play MMO games such as Fortnite to several fighting games, example Master Raven from Tekken 7 and Menat from Street Fighter just to name a few and the year of 2019 is no different.

These gorgeous 3D girls have cute character designs, stand out from their counterparts and deserve the spotlight just as much love as their pale peers, so without further ado here are the top ten sexiest melanated female video game characters of 2019.

10. Bangalore (Apex Legends)

As a tactical soldier in Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends free to play Battle Royale, Bangalore may not be the most feminine looking female character you'll come across in a video game but there's just something about her that fairly stimulates our manhood. With Bangalore it's a case of the more you look at her the hotter she becomes and she shows us…