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Top 10 Butts in Fighting games

Fan service has become a popular phenomenon in video games throughout the years, especially fighting games which it comes hand in hand with, a genre where players are spoilt silly with scantly clad female characters whose bouncy bosomy chests, skimpy costumes and unrealistic body proportions have many fans drooling in awe and claiming them as waifus.  Not that we're complaining or anything, in fact it's one of the best things about fighting games today, when done right. But enough of all that jazz, instead let's bring attention to ten of the best bottoms in fighting games, in no order.

Sexual Innuendo in Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo has always been branded and long considered as the kid friendly and squeakiest of squeaky clean gaming publishers of the video game industry, which is true to some extent, but some developers always manage to slip in a couple suggestive jokes only grownups will understand and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild (2017) In Breath of the Wild everyone is horny as ever and a substantial amount of characters shamelessly lust after the hero of time. In one of Hyrule’s largest settlements, you’ll stumble across a book called the Journal of Various Worries, where townies scribble down concerns from their life. An entry from someone who refers to herself as “Lonely Arrow Girl” is surprising. In her words, she speaks about getting her arrow nocked by the new guy in town, and how she hasn’t had that done in a long time. Super Mario Odyssey (2018) Meanwhile in Super Mario Odyssey.. Splatoon 2 (2017) In Splatoon 2 the