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Female foot stomping in Video games

Video games are extremely good at wholesome fantasy violence and to elaborate, foot stomping moves are unbelievably satisfying, especially when it's a female character doing the honours. Here is a list of games and female characters that do it well. Tanya - Mortal Kombat X The Mortal Kombat series is definitely not a stranger to the concept of elegantly orchestrated blood baths and Tanya's Bloody Boots fatality In Mortal Kombat X (2015) is one of video game's deadliest looking stomp moves. What makes this powerful stomp utterly satisfying is how Tanya kicks then pins her helpless victim on the floor, while walking up to them and delivering a devastating stomp not only through their chest but also the opponent's head with such severity, powerful enough to leave a gaping hole. Resident Evil (series) The only thing more satisfying in Resident Evil than shooting an enemy dead between the eyes is stomping a flesh eating zombie's squishy