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The Cutest characters in Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro reignited trilogy

Spyro the Dragon is back two decades after his debut in Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a remaster of the first three games which were originally developed by Insomniac Games and released for the PlayStation 1 during 1998 and 2000 respectively. In the early days when platformers and platform heroes reigned supreme, Spyro was one of the most recognisable faces from his era. Though like many before him, the purple dragon fell off and the last game he starred in as a main character was between 2006 to 2008.

The Reignited Trilogy thrusts Spyro back into the spotlight in similar fashion to Crash Bandicoot last year, with the return of some of his most beloved outings. In terms of graphics, this is described as a "entirely remastered" collection with "a re-imagined cast of characters, completely new lighting, animations, surroundings, and redone cinematic. With the fresh coat of paint Toys for Bob has brought to the remaster in remaking each game from the ground up, Spyro doesn’t look as good as memory would have it — it only looks that much better.

A picture is worth a thousand words. From how the grassland and frost actually bakes/ melts in result of Spyro’s scorching breath to how the creatures and realms have been recreated, everything visually has been handled with absolute care including respect for what came before. That includes the gorgeous female characters in Reignited who are extremely cute, don't believe us? Then read on.


spyro elora reignited

Toys for Bobs are clearly not messing around on their redesign of past characters because Elora is adorable and that's an understatement. The sassy faun looks absolutely gorgeous in Reignited with her cute frilly green dress, faux hairstyle and juicy faun legs. It's no surprise that the cheeky lass is gonna birth a new wave of furries overnight, because let's face it Elora is waifu bait.

From her large green eyes, ditsy expressions and cute gestures, Elora looks FAUN-tastic and best of all this naughty girl still isn't any wearing pants after a 20 year hiatus, teasingly flaunting her fluffy faun butt for all those who dare stare. Without a doubt Elora has been given one of the hottest redesigns in Spyro Reignited and it's not up for debate. Elora is the best faun.

Heck, even Spyro checks out her feet during their brief encounter at the beginning of the game and who could blame him or anyone else for that matter, this faun is sexy from head to hoof and there's no shame in admitting that, even if you don't consider yourself a furry. Not only that but she's also very tall especially in contrast to our dragon hero who looks like a real dork in her hot presence.


spyro ignited Bianca

Our girl Bianca is finally back and might we add that Hunter is a pretty lucky guy. Though let's not beat around the bush, because Bianca looks so gorgeous in Spyro Ignited and once again Toys for Bobs did an amazing job of redesigning her to the point where it feels more like an evolution of her character rather than a completely new redesign.

Without a doubt Bianca looks incredible and she can finally hang with the likes of hot bunny waifus such as Lola Bunny, Vanilla The Rabbit and Judy Hopps. Which is kind of funny because we're getting a real 90s Lola Bunny Space Jam vibe from this cute gal, or shall we say some Warner Brothers influence.

Bianca doesn't only have a cute face, but she looks amazing from head to toe. The bunny's  mini dress sets up a potential for limitless panty shots (hopefully), while showing off her slim yet smooth thighs. Her adorable fringe and floppy long ears along with the boots on her feet really add to Bianca's entire appeal, lest we forget her stylish purple cape,
 big blue eyes and adorable pink nose. 


spyro sheila reignited

Sheila's old design in the original games was generic, but thankfully Toys for Bobs took note of this and injected some life and personality into our preppy kangaroo girl, transforming baldy locks from plain Jane to glamazon. Shelia's tiny waist combined with her round proportions is exciting to look at, even more so as she hops around kicking tail. Those juicy curves are mouth watering to say the least and she gives a whole new meaning to the word 'thicc'.

This cute kangaroo puts Ms Incredible to shame, because truth be told Shelia has filled up quite nicely since her last appearance, especially that bosomy lower region of hers. We're positive taking a well timed butt slam from this new and improved Sheila would surely flatten even the toughest enemy to dust, since Sheila's backside doesn't only look curvaceous but also really strong.

While we do feel she could of easily pulled off a bald haircut, Shelia's puffy pig twin tails still look super cute , along with the tight top that hugs her teeny upper body. Though it would've been awesome if she lost the clothes altogether, exposing that smooth bare chest. Last but not least, Shelia's flat coloured feet, feminine arms and thick tail are also quite sexy.


spyro zoe reignited

Zoe looks cuter than ever and like the other female characters 
in Reignited , Toys and Bob have given her a vast makeover from head to toe. While she may not have swollen curves or a particularly fat bottom to obsess over, Zoe more than makes up for it with her charming features, tiny smooth legs and.. Actually that's pretty much it.  Thought when you compare her original design to the current version, you can see how much effort when into everything. 

To be perfectly frank she's no Elora, Blanca nor Sheila and that's alright, as she still manages to bring something unique to the table, no matter how small. Her huge eyes and tiny hips are quite enticing the more you stare at her, though one regret about Zoe is the fact that her dress somehow got longer, a far cry from the short dress we had hoped to see her wear in Ignited.

The Sorceress 

Spyro ignited the sorceress

The sorceress looks magnificent and more importantly more voluptuous and womanly than her early counterpart, giving every other female character in the game a run for their money in terms of sheer size and magnitude, those thighs practically speak for themselves. If you thought Sheila's proportions were delicious to gawk at, then you'll have a filled day with The Sorceress' and her almighty curves.

There was worry that she was deliberately gonna be created hideous to balance out the cute female ratio, but thankfully this isn't the case in Reignited. Her drastic change from barney dinosaur-esque to ferocious alligator-esque really makes a difference on the grander scale, giving Sorceress a more menacing yet succulent appearance. Also her pink lipstick really pops making this gal that more scrumptious.


  1. The furries are gonna do terrible things to them.

  2. I can't wait to see how Bianca looks in Reignited

  3. Elora turned me into a furry.

  4. I want the Sorceress to sit on me.

  5. Why is Zoe even a thing?

  6. What have they done to Sheila..

  7. im straight but your writing made me hard as hell.

  8. lol make an animation of the sorceress eating zoe pls

  9. Need Elora to sit on my face.

  10. Please tell me Ember is also in Spyro Reignited or I'm gonna scream.

  11. Please get some help.

  12. My boner is confused.

  13. LMAO Bianca looks so f-ckable


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