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'Thicc' Nintendo Characters

Nintendo is often dismissed as being "kiddy", a branding which has followed the gaming giant for decades, yet there's more more than meets the eye. Nintendo certainly isn't as kid friendly as it's critics would have you believe. While they are commonly associated with cute, family friendly games like Mario and Animal Crossing, the company also knows how to be mischievous and downright naughty. Just feast your beady eyes on these thicc and wholesome female characters for good measure. Twintelle Nintendo Switch's new fighting game Arms managed to produce one of the thickest Nintendo characters in existence. Enter Twintelle aka Thictelle, a doll face movie star with tons of junk in her trunk. In the company's bid to attract the mature crowd it desperately desires, Nintendo EPD struck gold with Twintelle's curvaceous yet elegant character design. Not only does she have the best butt , but this woman looks amazing from head to toe. Eyeing