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The hottest outfits in Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces Princess Peach

With what appears to be a comeback for Camelot Software, Mario and his friends are back and in full swing for Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch. It marks the eighth instalment in the series and the first time since Mario Tennis: Power Tour on the Game Boy Advance to include a full-clad story mode for players to dip into.

Mario Tennis Aces looks absolutely stunning on Nintendo Switch, as does the fluid gameplay and gaudy moves, though that's not the only thing which has caught our attention. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash may have been an afterthought on Wii U, but one thing we're glad to see return are the sporty outfits for Princess Peach, Daisy and Rosalina.

While half the internet has been losing their minds over Luigi's bulge, we're infatuated with Peach's short dress, Daisy's booty shorts and Rosalina's pantyhose. Peach and Daisy have been showing off their tender legs since Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, but never before have the pair looked this good on the court.

If you look hard enough Nintendo has been serving up subtle sexual innuendos in Mario games for over a decade depending on how dirty your mind is, and Mario Tennis Aces looks to set a new record as we see the girls take to the astroturf in their sexiest outfits yet. Well besides Peach's thong's being visible in the GCN Japanese version of Mario Tennis: Power Tour.

It's also interesting to know that Peach's thong made apparently made it's return in the Japanese version of Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, one player managed to nab a quirky shot of what appears to either be her thong, bare bottom or thighs from a low angle, though we're not sure as the picture in question is low quality bait.

mario tennis aces princess peach

Mario Tennis Aces has only a total of fifteen different playable characters to choose from at launch, but none look as bewitching in their tennis costumes as the female characters Rosalina, Peach and Daisy. Not only do they look cute but each outfit conveys their respective personalities well.

Ever since Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, a few fans have been divided on deciding who looks the best in their sports outfit among the trio, though in the end it all comes down to personal preference and regardless of who is your favourite, you can't deny that each lass looks soft and dainty.

Princess Peach always looks good, whether on or off the court, it's no wonder why Bowser keeps kidnapping her and who can possibly blame him. Peach's pink tennis outfit in Aces is simple yet elegant, complimenting her milky complexion and slender body. Not only that but it also reveals her smooth legs, which are usually hidden from view.

It's only a shame that Nintendo awkwardly removed Princess Peach's thongs from sight, as a cheeky upskirt view reminiscent of Mario Tennis: Power Tour would've been premier eye candy. Some fans will see this as a smart and progressive decision by Nintendo, while others will weep at the removal of high tier fan service.

This isn't the first time that Peach's upskirt view has been censored. Smash Bros. fans may remember that Super Smash Bros. Brawl allowed players to peak up Peach's skirt and gander a close look at her underpants. Unfortunately this was removed from the 3DS version and so forth.

Mario tennis aces princess daisy

Rather than a detailed view of her panties, like you'd see in Wii version when Peach was flipped over or smashed off a stage, in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, the inside of her skirt is shrouded in darkness. The outcome is legs emerging from a void. Goodbye upskirt panty shot, it's been a blast.

Princess Daisy may be considered a tomboy compared to her counterparts, but that doesn't stop the Sarasaland princess from being cute, and her attire in Mario Tennis Aces spawns a delicious view, especially below the waist. Daisy wears the hell out of those booty shorts and looks sexy in them as she shows off her athletic figure and round rear end, proving she has one of the best butts in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Which is why it's too bad Camelot Software didn't take advantage of jiggle physics, because we would've loved to witness Princess Daisy's petite bottom constantly wiggle as she chases the ball on the tennis court, much like how Mario's nose bounces up and down in Super Mario Odyssey and Madame Broode's breasts.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on Nintendo Gamecube was the first time Daisy was seen in shorts, a beautiful sight to behold, before this she typically wore a short dress in similar fashion to Princess Peach when playing golf or tennis, though thankfully Camelot Software thought outside the box and gave her a signature sports attire.

mario tennis aces rosalina

Last but not least is Rosalina, the space queen who opts for some sexy white stockings, rumour has it that she doesn't wear underwear. Camelot Software have only managed to make Rosalina even more attractive than she already is and it's thanks to the white stockings and frilly garb which totally fits with her modest, refined persona.

No matter which Mario spin-off, Rosalina always come out looking plummy, whether she's sporting a biker suit in Mario Kart or running around barefoot in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games, and Mario Tennis Aces is no different. The tall damsel looks so fine in that skin hugging sleek dress which perfectly exhibits her slim curves.

Rosalina's legs are a miracle of the Mushroom Kingdom universe, and it's a known fact that you will most likely never see Rosalina in a Mario sports game with a completely half assed appearance. For years Peach's legs were in a league of their own, then Rosalina came along with hers and kicked her butt.

With that said, which female character do you feel has the best sports outfit in Mario Tennis Aces, is it Princess Peach, Daisy or Rosalina? No matter who you choose, in the end everyone's a winner. Mario Tennis Aces officially comes out on the 22nd of June 2018.

Mario Tennis Aces Pauline

After her reappearance in Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline appears to be making a comeback and happy we are, along with all the other fans who have been clamouring for her inclusion in Mario Spin-offs for decades. The Damsel in Distress always looks provocative whether in high heels, her red sequin dress or formal suit and Mario Tennis Aces is no exception in that regard.

Opting for a sleek yet athletic outfit, Donkey Kong's Pauline certainly gives Princess Peach, Daisy and Rosalina a run for their measly coins, without working up a sweat. She looks extremely hot in not only her short dress but also her signature gold earrings and matching sun visor cap, though the only thing which falls short are the sneakers. Rather doing away with the pattern and keeping them completely  black and white would've look racy on her feet.

Regardless of her footwear, if you thought Pauline was stunning in Mario Odyssey or Mario Vs Donkey Kong then you'll be blown away by her appearance in Mario Tennis Aces. Once again Camelot Software didn't disappoint and have given us the suggestive Pauline we deserve. Now if only Nintendo would bring back Captain Syrup.. Pauline along with Boom Boom and Luma will be playable in early 2019.


  1. Rosalina is the best girl.

  2. I don't what it but i just can't stand Daisy, Rosalina stomps.

  3. I had a crush on Princess Peach in like the 4th grade or something.

  4. I'm curious how Birdo is gonna look, hopefully she gets a cute outfit too.

  5. Princess Daisy looks adorable.

  6. They're all pretty but Rosalina is the cutiest.

  7. If only Mayor Pauline was a playable character or the generic human Mario characters, I'm sure their outfits would be stylish.

  8. No, sexy Peach, Daisy, Pauline is pooping-farting on their outfit. And sexy Rosalina is peeing on her outfit.

    1. Peach, Daisy & Pauline, y'all been pooping on your outfit. And Rosalina, you're peeing your outfit, too.

    2. Err what the hell...


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