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Best Women's Sandals in Video Games

female video game characters in sandals

What's hotter than bare feet? Cute female characters wearing sandals and revealing their pretty yet realistic looking toes. With the significant leap in graphics from generation six to seven, we have seen some delicious toe shots and although it's majorly from fighting games, that's not a bad thing at all. There's just something sexy about seeing a female have confidence in her feet, enough to showcase them in sandals, whether it's a real woman or 3D girl.

Tekken has been at the forefront of serving up beautiful women in sandals but they are not the only video game developers to do so and surely won't be the last. Bare witness to some of the hottest female video game characters who wear sandals to protect and tease us with their stunning  feet. Take into account this list only features girls whose outfits come with sandals by default, meaning no DLC costumes.

Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

Tekken Christie Monteiro feet

Speaking of Tekken, it's one of the first well known fighting games to spawn a female fighter with well designed toes. Christie Monteiro who replaced her male counterpart Eddy Gordo in Tekken 4 has been wearing sandals ever since. The capoeira's p2 costume usually has her wearing sandals instead of fighting barefoot.

Tekken 4 in particular was Christie Moneteiro's breakout moment, including her secondary outfit, which is arguably one of the sexiest costumes she has ever worn. Christie wear
s black warrior flats, which look extremely sexy on her long legs and show off those yummy toes and smooth heels.

 In Tekken 5 and onward she wears the same outfit, although her blouse is now pink in colour and her warrior flats are brown. Gladiator sandals look amazing on the athletic Brazilian fighter, giving her not only a sweet and summery look but also style.

Christie has always looked amazing whether barefoot or in sandals, which is why it's a shame sandals isn't included with her default outfit in the Tekken mobile game. Instead she wears yellow knee high boots, completely hiding her pretty feet. Though thankfully Christie's previous outfits from Tekken 5 can be unlocked.

Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur)

Soul Calibur VI Sophitia Alexandra

It would be disrespectful not to mention the iconic swordswoman Sophitia Alexandra from Bandai Namco's Soul Calibur series. It goes without saying that Sophitia looks extremely attractive in gladiator sandals, which show off her beautiful toes. Hence why It's a disappointment whenever she wears boots and conceals her feet as unfortunately the case in Soul Calibur VI.

Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter V)

Street Fighter 5 Laura Matsuda bonita outfit

Street Fighter V's newcomer Laura Matsuda is one of the hottest women to debut in the series, even rivalling the likes of Capcom's favoured girl Chun Li. Her story mode costume is without a doubt one of the hottest and most sexualized outfits in the game, only covering half of her bare chest.

While everyone was focused on Laura's upper body parts hanging out, her long smooth legs and brown flat heeled tatami sandals where somewhat left out the conversation. Regardless Laura looks pleasantly hot in sandals and it's safe to say someone at Capcom loves feet, not that we're complaining of course.

Kahuna Olivia (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

Pokemon sun and moon Kahuna Olivia

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced us to the hot and tropical region of Alola, not only that but also lots of beautiful female characters in sandals. With that said, Kahuna Olivia is one of the most attractive women in the game and stands out. Her blue nail vanish compliments the pink sandals on her feet and sexy dark skin.

Unfortunately the graphical limitations of Nintendo's 3DS ancient hardware does Pokemon Sun and Moon no justice, so if you're expecting to see HD feet in the game just forget about it. Nevertheless Kahuna Olivia still looks smoking hot in those stylish pink sandals with stubby heels.

Aya (Assassin's Creed Origins)

Assassin's Creed origins Aya feet

Almost everyone in Assassin's Creed Origins wears sandals, but none look as hot in them as Bayek's wife Aya (beside Cleopatra and a few lesser known female characters). Watching Aya walk, fight or stand idly in her strapped gladiator sandals is always a treat. Which is why it's unfortunate she isn't a permanent playable character throughout the entire game.

Josie Rizal (Tekken 7)

Tekken 7 Josie Rizal gladiator sandals

Josie Rizal who made her first playable appearance in Tekken 7 may be a crybaby but there's no denying that she has a good sense of fashion. Her tall brown gladiator sandals and long yet powerful legs are extremely sexy to ogle as the female kick boxer puts in work.

Compared to previous entries, Tekken 7's feet and overall limbs look more realistic with Unreal Engine 4. Much unlike previous games where the toes were somewhat squashed together due to hardware limitation.  Bandai Namco takes full of their new engine, resulting in sexy toes for all.

Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive)

Dead or alive 5 Helena Douglas

Dead or Alive veteran Helena Douglas is one of the hottest woman to grace the series since it's humble beginnings in 1999, and her DOA 5 costume which consists of a Blue tailcoat and pair of  sandal boots look smoking hot on the blonde martial artist, who is regularly given cute outfits which expose her toes.

Zarina (King of Fighters XIV)

Kof xiv Zarina

King of Fighters XIV newcomer Zarina is a beautiful woman and like many female characters who hail from hot countries, wears sandals on her feet, revealing pretty toes and gorgeous painted toe nails which is a beguiling combination. The samba dancer looks so sexy in her white platformed gladiator sandals.

Princess peach (Super Mario Odyssey)

princess peach outfits mario odyssey

Rarely do you see Princess Peach's feet as she always wears heels, but that changes in Super Mario Odyssey. Like Mario, Peach at some point ditches her traditional clothing and opts for something difference. 
Two of her costumes, a bikini and pink wedge sandals, and kimono and low-heeled Zōri, both exposing her small yet cute feet.

Zafina (Tekken 6)

zafina tekken 6 feet and sandals

Bandai Namco may have banished Zafina to the depths of hell but we haven't forgotten how sexy this woman looks in her gold sandal
s with chromatic jewellery going vertically down most of her foot. Like Christie Monteiro and Josie Rizal, Zafina exposes her feet and wears beautiful  black nail varnish to match.

Menat (Street Fighter 5)

Menat Street fighter v

Menat is the hottest newcomer in Street Fighter V thus far (sorry Laura) and her slinky 
costumes certainly  play a huge part in that. Menat's story mode outfit may be the weakest link  in comparison to her battle costume and default outfit, but boy does she look sexy in those gold gladiator sandals which expose her delicious brown toes.

Porom (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years)

Final fantasy iv porom

Unfortunately no one at the Square Enix appears to be that interested in feet as majority of  female Final Fantasy characters wear boots, concealing their toes. Though there is an exception, Porom in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years wears pink sandals, revealing her sexy pale feet
. No longer a adolescent midget, Porom has grown into a beautiful young woman who isn't shy to show off her feet.

Princess Zelda (Botw)

Breath of the wild princess zelda in white dress

Ever since The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Nintendo has been teasing us with Princess Zelda's mature feet and once again in Breath of the Wild she temporarily wears dark brown gladiator sandals along with a silky white dress. Like many female Nintendo characters, Zelda is rarely seen without concealing footwear, so it's a treat when she gets them out.

Helena (Ni No Kuni 2)

Ni No kuni 2 helena

Ni No Kuni 2 has quite a few hot npc just hanging around, especially in the tropical region of Hydropolis, a town which has lots of beautiful woman who love wearing sandals and loose blouses. Helena is one of the hottest women in this town and looks extremely sexy in her brown sandals which exposes her tanned feet and toes.


With that said and done, if you feel we have missed anyone who would be worthy enough to be mentioned in this article, then feel free to let us know in the comment section. Over time this article will be updated with new sexy female characters who are of course in sandals, enjoy!


  1. Aw Kahuna Olivia's sandals are so cute, I only wish that the Nintendo 3ds graphics weren't so crap :(

  2. Menat needs more outfits that expose her toes damnit

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Laura Matsuda > Menat

  5. Where the hell's Talim from Soul calibur?

  6. You know what pisses me off as a Nintendo fan? The fact that Palutena doesn't have open toe sandals, just what were they thinking..

  7. Lawd have mercy24 April 2018 at 18:57

    No overwatch mercy?

  8. I hate Josie Rizal but gotta admit she has some nice feet.

  9. Princess Peach's feet are ridiculously tiny.

  10. Christie Monteiro is the best girl

  11. What about Lillie, Mallow and Lana? They also wear sandals.

  12. Laura's a bimbo.

  13. Christie's the sexiest latina in all of gaming hands down.

  14. I just became a fan of female characters in sandals, yum.


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