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Best Women's Sandals in Video Games

What's hotter than bare feet? Cute female characters wearing sandals and revealing their pretty yet realistic looking toes. With the significant leap in graphics from generation six to seven, we have seen some delicious toe shots and although it's majorly from fighting games, that's not a bad thing at all. There's just something sexy about seeing a female have confidence in her feet, enough to showcase them in sandals, whether it's a real woman or 3D girl. Tekken has been at the forefront of serving up beautiful women in sandals but they are not the only video game developers to do so and surely won't be the last. Bare witness to some of the hottest female video game characters who wear sandals to protect and tease us with their stunning  feet. Take into account this list only features girls whose outfits come with sandals by default, meaning no DLC costumes.