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Android 21 eats her enemies in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 eating a cupcake in Dragon Ball Fighterz

Nothing is too bizarre for Japanese video games, especially when fan service is involved and Arc System Works makes this crystal clear in Dragon Ball FighterZ with their waifu bait Android 21. The well-endowed android who also happens to be the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ has got a lot of people excited ever since her triumph debut.

Designed by Akira Toriyama, Android 21 is a curvy scientist with spectacles, long shaggy auburn hair and devilish shaped eyes which are similar to that of Dr Gero's Androids, such as Android 18. In her hybrid form, Android 21's body turns pink, her ears pointy, her eyes red with black sclera and she also yields a mighty long tail.

Remember how Dragon Ball fans was going crazy over Towa, a female devil from the Demon Realm, who was the secondary antagonist in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and it's sequel. Well it's Déjà vu all over again, only this time the new villainess has a big appetite and isn't afraid to stuff her face.

Android 21's evolution is a feast for the eyes in Dragon Ball FighterZ , a form which underlines her cruel yet seductive persona in more ways than you can imagine. This side of Android 21 is pure evil, having nothing but the desire to literally consume her enemies whole, gain new abilities and devour anyone standing in her path.

Because of her biology, Android 21 has a natural impulse to feed (which spiralled out of balance due to cells in her body going berserk). Like Majin Buu she favours sweets and snacks, her most-liked being macarons. Nevertheless, she has no control over her appetite and perpetually fights to stop herself from turning others into nibbles and devouring them.

Android 21  turns goku clone into a snack

Her food craving is so possessive that it has led to Android 21's mind going partially insane resulting in a split personality disorder. The longer Android 21 goes without feeding herself, the more fiendish she becomes. When her genuine guise is in charge, she acts like a benignant and kindhearted woman who was worried about Android 18 and offered moral support.

When her corrupt counterpart is in control however, she turns into a sadistic and power-hungry psychopath, seeking to "devour" all the powerful fighters, drawing to the point of near frenzy. Her voracious lust for "devouring" powerful warriors is akin to the attribute of the Majins, inherited when she received Buu's cells.

There's just something arousing about a wicked fiend who turns vulnerable victims into grub, consuming their souls. It definitely helps that Android 21 is extremely easy on the eyes, whether in her drone appearance or true form which resembles a Majin Buu. It's also safe to say someone at Arc System Works has a kink for vore.

Arc System Works and Toriyama obviously knew which audience they were targeting when turning Android 21 into a hot vore monster and we ain't mad at them. Android 21's insatiable urge to turn people into munchies and eat them is debatably one of the hottest things in recent gaming memory. When you look back in history, no other game has managed to capture the essence of female vore quite like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball isn't new to characters being consumed through unorthodox methods, though this the first time a female character has being given the chance to feed her craving. In the series, Absorption is a technique majority used by villains and a fusion of sorts. The ability involves either absorbing a victim entirely, or using a portion of their limbs to suck the victim dry, thus receiving their power and abilities.

 Dragon ball Android 21 vore

Android 21's wicked side is able to use this technique at will due to inheriting Cell and Majin Buu's cells. Her use of absorption is akin to Majin Buu's alternate method of absorbing people (by using the Transfiguration Beam), which she calls the Hunger Beam.

The first time Majin Buu used this ability was on Dabura, who he turned into a cookie, while in the series, Majin Buu uses the technique to transform citizens from the cities he destroys into grub. Super Buu uses the beam to transform Goku's wife into an egg, and later, to turn everyone on Kami's Lookout into chocolate bars to devour them

Watching Buu turn people into chocolate was creepy, but when a hot and dominant female character utilises the same ability to satisfy her needs and become even more powerful, it makes a whole world of difference. Android 21 is the new vore queen of video games and she makes it look so delicious.

The way she moans and licks her lips as the delicacy melts in her mouth is the main reason why it's so satisfying to watch Android 21 eat opponents. The stronger Android 21's victim, the more stimulated and excited she becomes. This is seen twice when she devours Frieza and Perfect Cell, two powerful fighters who managed to give Super Saiyan Goku a run for his money in the past.

Android 21's victory animation is just desserts, especially when finishing off opponents with her deadly level 3 super "Sweet Tooth" which works in similar fashion to Majin Buu's super, only sexier and more sassy. Android 21 transforming her victim into a donut, macaroon or cupcake and taking a huge bite out of their being is a wholesome experience, and that's not even the best part.

Android 21 eats perfect cell

Witnessing the pink demon throw a victim into her mouth like candy and digest them in one sitting while giggling is a sensual scene which showcases Android 21's cruel and twisted nature. Not only that, but the POV shot which briefly shows inside Android 21's mouth along with her pearly white teeth is surely a wet dream for vore lovers.

Several cutscenes from Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode displays Android 21's monstrous appetite and it's a pleasure to watch the thick android get to work and fill her belly with yummy treats. In one instant Android 21 turns a Goku clone into dessert, moaning and licking her lips as she consumes the poor sap whose life ends promptly.

As mentioned earlier, Android 21 vores Frieza and Perfect Cell and those scenes are intense and filled with sexual tension. Without going into too much detail, neither specimen stands a chance against the goddess who turns each fighter into a treat to fill her stomach and absorb their powers.

Not only that, but almost every spoken dialogue which comes from evil Android 21's mouth involves turning someone into her next meal and cruelly devouring them. That along with her sexy appearance and sadistic nature is why Android 21 is a waifu in every sense of the word and it's not up for debate.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ if you wish to play as evil Android 21 outside of story mode, you'll have to unlock her as she isn't playable character at the start. In order to unlock the vore queen, you'll have to finish Story mode on the default difficulty level.


  1. Dragon ball Android 21 is cute i guess.

  2. Her eating Perfect Cell was so arousing, holy f-ck

  3. I wanna splat my babies in android 21's face.

  4. Since I'm straight Android 21 does nothing for me personally, but i'll admit watching super buu turn chi chi into an egg and crush her turned me on as a child.

    1. I'm a boy but the first time seeing Super Buu turn people into chocolate made me hard.

    2. What did you think of Perfect cell adsorbing Android 18 in dbz?

    3. What did you think of imperfect cell voring Android 18 in dbz?

    4. Came buckets to that scene when i was little.

  5. Her eating cell has officially made me a vorefag

  6. how could you not play her game

  7. Say hi to the new princess of vore.


  9. I'm disappointed that everyone doesn't have their own treat that Android 21 turns them into. But hey it's better than a jawbreaker and a cookie that looks like the person who was turned into candy.

  10. Basically female majin buu.

  11. Anyone know that she is the wife of Dr. Gero?

  12. This is better than Dragonball Super.

  13. Android 21 Savage

  14. You know, I kinda wish Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit had a role in the story mode. Would've loved to see the character interaction with them.

  15. If Android 21 is hungry, she's always welcome to swallow my load of wad.


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