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Android 21 eats her enemies in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Nothing is too bizarre for Japanese video games, especially when fan service is involved and Arc System Works makes this crystal clear in Dragon Ball FighterZ with their waifu bait Android 21. The well-endowed android who also happens to be the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ has got a lot of people excited ever since her triumph debut. Designed by Akira Toriyama , Android 21 is a curvy scientist with spectacles, long shaggy auburn hair and devilish shaped eyes which are similar to that of Dr Gero's Androids, such as Android 18. In her hybrid form, Android 21's body turns pink, her ears pointy, her eyes red with black sclera and she also yields a mighty long tail. Remember how Dragon Ball fans was going crazy over Towa , a female devil from the Demon Realm, who was the secondary antagonist in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and it's sequel. Well it's Déjà vu all over again, only this time the new villainess has a big appetite and isn't afraid to stuff her fa