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Inside Marina's transformation to Giantess

Splatoon 2 Marina giantess pov

Can we talk bout Splatoon 2's Marina? The hot octoling made her debut appearance in Splatoon 2 alongside Pearl to form a music group called 'Off the Hook' and has since gained a huge fan following on the internet, much like Arms' Twintelle.

She has overshadowed Pearl ever since their reveal in July 2017 and it's not hard to see why. Marina looks amazing and oozes with oomph. Which is why transforming Marina into a giantess makes perfect sense, she's sensual, attractive and full of sass.

Marina is a dark skinned anthropomorphic octopus with alluring silver eyes, beautiful long tentacles and a beauty blemish on the right side of her lips. The octoling's outfit consists of a sleeveless cropped leather top, zipper and collar, leaving her pierced navel belly button in full view. She also wears black boots on her feet and black fingerless gloves.

Between her teal belly piercing, green tights, stylish fingertips and s
mooth brown skin, this octoling easily turns heads for all the right reasons. Not only that, but Marina's sassy yet well reserved behaviour only adds to her charm and appeal.

She may look young but Marina is in fact 18 years of age as confirmed in a brand new Splatoon 2 art book released in Japan. Nintendo are not stupid, they were wise to make Marina the legal age of consent, which is most likely their way of giving a silent nod of encouragement to artists who are making lewd content with the delicious octoling, which in itself 
this is a smart marketing tactic.

The initial concept of transforming Marina into a giantess wasn't hard, although ideas had to be executed properly. For a while there wasn't a lot to with Marina when she first appeared on the Source Filmmaker workshop. So many ideas almost came to fruition but majority of them were hard to translate into a successful animation or render.

Marina's starring role saw her as a shrunken victim, crushed beneath Twintelle's massive cakes on a idle and warm bicycle seat. The tiny octoling is no match for Twintelle and her ASSets and this is conveyed through Marina's awkward and painful facial expression as she's squished and trapped underneath Twintelle's solid buns.

The headcanon for 'Twintelle's Bike Seat' is that Splatoon's inhabitants and it's residents are tiny compared to Arms' universe, hence the reason why there's a staggering size difference between herself and Twintelle. As the mega celeb sits on her bike seat, she is totally unaware of Marina's impending peril.

Nintendo arms Twintelle

The curvy giantess squashes Marina who is about to pass out under her entire weight, unable to escape or scream for help as the little ocotling's entire body is crushed flat. Marina may be a tough cookie, but she's no match for Twintelle nor her juicy derriere and this is proven quite easily through their interaction.

While new ideas for Twintelle and other Nintendo waifus kept flowing in, Marina's big break wouldn't come to fruition until sometime later. The cliche and predictable approach would've been for Pearl to be Marina's shrunken victim, but that would've been too predictable.

A Nintendo crossover was on the horizon and what better universe than the vibrant and colourful world of Super Mario. The first giantess picture featured Marina holding a tiny bug between her fingertips. Rosalina is a damsel in distress as the giant Octoling toys with her new discovery.

Rosalina is terrified of her captureur and the space princess has every right to be. Marina
 has something in store for Rosetta as she squeezes the macro princess' head like a soft jellybean. Rosalina facial expression says it all as she screams in agony, although her tiny yelps are scarcely heard.

Mario's friends make for perfect shrunken victims, although a more fitting specimen are Bloopers, squid-like creatures who normally roam the ocean but can also survive on land. They made their debut appearance in Super Mario Bros as enemies and have since appeared in most Mario games.

Splatoon mario crossover

There's a theory which suggests Inklings evolved from Bloopers although this "theory" is pretty much proven wrong by the sunken scrolls which claim the Inklings evolved from actual squids after humans became nonexistent due to a water apocalypse. Although to be fair Bloopers are squid-like and have even made a cameo appearance in the first Splatoon game.

The Inklings' cephalopodan form bears more than a passing resemblance to the vacant-eyed Bloopers of the Mario franchise. Which is why they are the perfect victims for Marina to crush underneath her boots. Marina is a Octoling and going by the theory that Bloopers are ancestors of Inklings, who are long time enemies with Octolings makes for a crushing victory.

Mario's art style is very similar to Splatoon which is why when their worlds collide, it's very fitting in lore and presentation. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Splatoon almost became a Mario Spin-off, but Nintendo realised in doing this they would miss the opportunity to create a brand new IP.

Pairing Marina with a Blooper makes for perfect aesthetics and great story telling. Marina's first encounter with Bloopers has the naughty octoling preparing to cook them in a frying pan to fill her stomach and gain some extra nutriment. Marina doesn't care whether these Bloopers have families as to her their only value is to be gobbled up.

Three bloopers await their fate in Marina's frying pan as she holds up a single blooper, teasing the audience in pov. Marina will consume each blooper in an orderly fashion but not before seasoning and basking them in ketchup. Marina uses her size advantage over the tiny bloopers who are nothing more than a heart worthy snack.

Marina's second encounter with a blooper sees her go barefoot as she asserts her giant dominance over a tiny blooper who is stuck to the octoling's foot after being stepped on like a bug. Marina smugly grins as she looks towards the viewer and teases a single messy foot oozing with Blooper remains.

A blooper is crushed underfoot by Marina

The octoling's latest expedite with Bloopers sees her splatting an unsuspecting one beneath her boots and causing a right ole mess. This is in fact Marina's first SFM animation which sees her stomping a blooper to goo. The blooper looks up at Marina, totally oblivious to his imminent demise. Marina cheekily grins before turning the squid into smush.

She makes for the perfect cruel anthro whose only goal is to inflict pain and havoc on creatures smaller than herself. Marina looks cute and innocent but underneath her beauty lies a evil and sadistic female who feeds her ego by causing extreme harm to defenceless tinies. Marina is sassy and this is portrayed when she sadistically smiles at her victims before ending their life.

Marina's relationship with Bloopers is complex, as while she finds them adorable the octoling can't help but crush or eat each one she meets. Bloopers on the other hand are attracted to Marina, be it male or female and easily captured. Marina flirts with each Blooper she encounters and takes advantage of their feelings.

By the time a Blooper realises it's a trap, their chance to escape would have long sailed. Marina suffers from cute aggression, a term which refers to the almost overwhelming desire to do violent things to objects we find incredibly cute, the term was coined in 2013 by a university research team.

This is the main reason why no Blooper is safe in Marina's company, she finds Bloopers extremely cute and can't help but turn them into squid juice. A sane person would resist the urge to cause such unnecessary pain, but Marina isn't normal. While Marina's main prey have been Bloopers, this doesn't rule out the possibility of other victims.

Inklings have been at war with octolings for a long time and while Marina is on friendly terms with the Inklings, this doesn't mean she won't crush a tiny Inkling under her boot if given the chance. In fact anything insignificant to Marina is ripe for crushing. Other than Bloopers, Inklings will make the perfect prey for Marina and her impulsive urge to splat.


  1. Aww Marina is so cute and innocent in Splatoon 2, although it's nice to see a devious side to her, but those poor bloopers... I hope you'll make her crush Inklings too.

  2. LOL, okay this was very funny but also so weird. Marina makes an adorable giant.. Or is it giantess? Either way I enjoyed seeing her squish Rosalina.

  3. The characters of Super Mario, Arms and Splatoon have similar art styles. Makes me wonder if they're all connect through lore.

    1. Well Inklings were playable in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so there much be some connection.

    2. Oh yeah on the Nintendo Switch version.. How could I forgot. Heck even Link made a cameo appearance which probably means they all exist in the same universe.

    3. Well Super Smash Bros does exist lol.

    4. Don't forget the blooper stick in Splatoon 1.

  4. Twintelle? More like Thictelle.

  5. Make more Vore pictures with Marina.

  6. I fap to Marina religiously and this doesn't help matters.

  7. Could she squish Princess Peach and Princess Daisy under her boots or barefoot? If not then I'll happily settle for Inklings.

  8. Marina, Twintelle, Urbosa and Kahuna are Waifu central.

  9. I love you for doing this.


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