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Inside Marina's transformation to Giantess

Tsunade's cruel moment in Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden has been a very bleak series for its entirety, with treachery, evil revelations and unexpected deaths at every corner. Unlike Naruto's manga however, the animated series gives it's audience “respite” arcs, best-known  as "filler" by fans. Naruto's Tsunade is a very hot woman with curvy assets, renowned as the world's strongest kunoichi. Which is why watching her effortlessly capture a bug and crush it in the palm of her hand is a sexy yet underrated moment in the Naruto: Shipp┼źden anime series. Episode 287 " One Worth betting on " to be exact. Anime is known for it's avid obsession of trampling and stomping bugs. Several Anime films depict cute girls awkwardly trampling helpless insects beneath their feet, either barefoot or in chunky shoes. Short clips which can be found and viewed on the weird part of   Youtube . Regardless of these other clips, Tsunade's hand crush is very special indeed. She doesn't squish the