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Tekken 7 Adds Swimsuit Costumes

tekken 7 swimsuits

Naughty fan service comes in the form of tight panties and Idolmaster outfits for Tekken 7 and if this isn't enough to see that Tekken is heading in a similar direction to rival fighting games Dead or Alive 5 and Street Fighter 5 then we don't know what else to say. Bandai Namco has certainly switched things up and it couldn't have been any more clearer with Lucky Chloe's debut.

Tekken 7‘s first official dlc released on August 31st and included Ultimate Tekken Bowl among the anticipated swimsuits, Blood Vengeance School Uniforms and Idolmaster-themed outfits. Let's get one thing straight, Bandai Namco have clearly missed the mark in releasing their swimwear outfits during the summer holiday but regardless, this release is still a nice edition to Tekken 7's bare bones character customisation.

Despite just being released on console and PC these aren't quite new items, in fact the swimsuits have been available on the arcade version of Tekken 7 since 2015 for it's "Summer Campaign". Majority of Tekken's female fighters have been seen in swimwear costumes for over two years, but now western gamers can at last join in the fun and give their favorite character a summery look.

What's great about the swimsuits is that finally every female character will be given a chance to show off their toes and bask in the sunlight. Before the dlc only a select number of characters could fight barefoot, Katarina Alves, Josie Rizal and Alisa to name a few, but this new downloadable content allows players to fight barefeet with all of Tekken 7's female cast.

The Tropical Bikini is a basic swimsuit with plain flowery patterns complete with a single metallic bracelet donned on one arm. Thankfully it's color can be changed in character customization but unfortunately the flowers are irremovable even when changing colors.

Tekken 7 swimsuit bikini

If you're not feeling the Tropical Bikini then you can always opt for the Diva Bikini, an alternate swimwear which substitutes colorful blossoms for a mature and toned down stripe design. Much more stylish but similarly you are unable to remove the stripes despite being able to change it's colors.

This fashionable bikini not only comes with swimwear but also an in vogue shiny bracelet and necklace which complete the look without going overboard. Though that's not the highlight of this outfit as the Diva Bikini also has a backdoor surprise for gawking eyes. If you take a closer look you'll see an ass crack, which shows Bandai Namco are definitely not holding back this time round.

The panties are so tight that it reveals a revealing but satisfying rear crack that is very distracting. Lastly the swimsuit comes with sandals, which means unlike the Tropical Bikini this variation doesn't allow the ladies to be barefeet, though on the bright side their toes are clearly visible. What's also cool is that you can change the color of the sandals as a standalone item. Want white sandals and a pink bikini? Knock yourself out.

Unfortunately the sandals can't be removed or replaced with another footwear, already one of the biggest gripes with Tekken 7's lacklustre character customisation, a huge set back from Tekken 6's customization which allowed you to mix and match outfits to your heart's content. Still this is probably all worth it, even if it's only because you want to see the voluptuous Master Raven kicking ass bare feet or Katarina in her cute Takane-Style crossover costume.

With the bouncy jiggle physics, highly detailed feet and skimpy swimsuits in one footing, this is certainly great fan service and should more than welcome players who like their female fighters to wear less clothes under any circumstances while still being deadly on their feet.


  1. Should've been in the base game of Tekken 7, Tekken bowling is okay but the outfits and costumes should've been free dlc. Harada is probably trying to turn Tekken into Street Fighter or even worse Dead or alive 5, two cashgrab games.

  2. I love the swimsuits but tbh this really isn't enough for me to play Tekken 7 again.

  3. Master Raven damn good in a bikini swimsuit but on another note, why the hell this a free update? I remember the days when Bandai Namco wasn't so greedy. I like the outfits but do they really need to come with a price tag?

  4. The Tekken pc mods have destroyed any chance of me buying this, but i might buy it just for the tekken bowl when it drops in price. I prefer the Playstation 4 community but it's nice to use mods on pc without having to pay anything.

  5. Tekken 7 is the best fighter out.


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