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Twintelle Becomes a Giantess

Arms twintelle the giantess

2017 has been an extraordinary year for Nintendo and they have created some lovable new characters who not only stand out, but also have attracted a huge fan following in a short space of time. One of those characters happen to be Twintelle, the movie star from Nintendo's futuristic fighting game Arms who's well known for having a massive rear end.

Arms may have lost steam since it's release in June 16th but that doesn't change the fact that their most popular character Twintelle is an exotic beauty who deserves to be worshipped and praised even if her game is losing relevancy. The mega celeb left people absolutely starstruck when she was first revealed and rightly so.

She's curvy with a pretty doll face and beautiful chocolate skin, not only that but this mega celeb makes the perfect giantess. At 180 cm and weighing 136 pounds, she's fairly tall with a voluptuous frame that just screams "I have good genes". Forgot ARMS' Grand Prix, Twintelle is moving onto greener pastures.

Her stylish high heels look perfect for crushing undesirables, as does that juicy bottom which jiggles as she struts her stuff. Not to say that a woman such as Twintelle would want to step on icky bugs, but for the right price who really knows. She doesn't even have to be a cruel giantess, there's always gentle.

Let's make one thing clear, the Arms universe and it's characters are giants in comparison to other worlds. That's the headcanon for every giantess picture involving Twintelle. It's just like Pikmin and Olimar (which is canon), but in reverse. Captain Olimar is tiny compared to Princess Peach and Zero Suit Samus outside of Super Smash Bros, but Twintelle would be a considered a giantess next to both women.

The first giantess artwork I created involved Twintelle meeting a macro sized Doc Louis, Little Mac's coach in the Punch Out!! Series. A aged franchise that has long been forgotten by Nintendo and was playable on the Wii in 2009, eight years ago. You could say Arms is the spiritual successor to Punch Out, hence why this crossover felt so damn right.

I didn't want to pair Little Mac with Twintelle so instead I went with the second most popular character from Punch Out!! Mr Sandman doesn't have an extracted 3D model, so the second best choice was none other than Doc Louis. Now Doc is no prize and he's old as hell, but there simply was no one else.

So I created Doc Louis lusting over Twintelle's rear end as he envisioned chocolate. Two pictures were produced in fact, one SFW for Tumblr and a more lewd version was submitted to Deviantart. The first one is Doc Louis staring at Twintelle's behind as she rests on her stomach with one leg casually raised in the air.

She knows how much of a lascivious old man Doc Louis can be and deliberately sits in that position to tease him. The alternative version see's Doc Louis grabbing onto Twintelle's rear end as if he's humping a pillow. She's well aware that he's glomping her bottom but doesn't move and is in fact enjoying it. At any point she could squish him like a bug but Doc Louis takes the risk nevertheless.

Nintendo Arms and Punchout crossover

Another render involves Splatoon 2 Marina, the cute octoling who was paired with Pearl to form Off The Hook, a pop idol duo who also happen to be hostesses. Marina pretty much stole Twintelle's spotlight just like Urobsa's limelight was yanked by Twintelle.

I've been wanting to create a giantess montage involving Kahuna Olivia, Urbosa, Twintelle and Marina in one sitting. Though for now the furthest I've gotten is a Twintelle vs Marina picture, which involves Twintelle accidentally squashing the tiny squid girl as she is seated on a bike seat.

The actress is totally unaware that Marina is being crushed underneath her fat buns. Marina stands no chance and will be turned into octopus goo before long. Twintelle loves to keep fit, that's one of her hobbies which is why riding a bicycle would be very fitting under the circumstances and it's no wonder she looks so amazing.

Twintelle also enjoys sniffing luxury fragrances, which seems a little odd on the surface. Can you imagine her shopping in a department store and picking up different perfumes to smell, sounds like a kink. Despite this, Twintelle has been sweating and a strange scent is emitting from her soft bottom, much to the despair of Marina who is being flattened into a pancake.

The main focus is on Twintelle's cakes and Marina just happens to be planted beneath them in a cruel yet satisfying crush. I imagine that inklings and octolings are tiny in comparison to humans, thence their size difference in this render. The expression on Marina's face display discomfort, pain and defeat. She knows there's no escape and she's about to embarrassingly perish beneath a superior girl's perspiring buttocks.

Pokemon Sun and Moon's Olivia is an attractive woman and it was an honour to have these two interact with each other in a gentle giantess collage. Olivia is handheld by a giant Twintelle after the two girls become good friends. Twintelle is enormous compared to the tiny pokemon trainer who is sitting on her fingers without any worries.

Twintelle and Kahuna Olivia

Twintelle and Olivia are similar in more ways than you can imagine and it was fitting for these two to be acquainted with one another. Unlike Marina's interaction with Twintelle which was unintentionally cruel, this on the other hand is gentle as can be. Though It's not to say Olivia is completely out of harm's way, as at any moment Olivia could be crushed in the palm of Twintelle's hand.

A more recent render of Twintelle sees her taking a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom. One of the first pictures involves the giantess sitting down and looking into the distance, unaware that an Italian plumber is helplessly stuck to the bottom of her shoe sole. Twintelle has accidentally stepped on Mario like a bug.

For a second can we just appreciate how hot Twintelle's high heels look, they are perfect for crush scenes. Nintendo EDP did a great job in making her one of the most fashionable characters in their catalogue of colourful characters. Which other Nintendo character beside Kahuna Olivia can stand beside Twintelle and compliment her look? Not many that's for sure.

Twintelle has squashed Mario like a goomba and now the plumber truly knows how it feels to be stepped on and squished. If this beauty takes another step, it'll be a huge splat and unfortunate end to Nintendo's prominent mascot. All while Twintelle is oblivious to everything happening under her soles.

Another Super Mario crossover sees Twintelle interacting with tiny Princess Peach, (Mario whom she is holding in the palm of her hand) and two toads. In contrast to the previous picture i wanted it to be a gentle piece shrouded in suspense, and this is exhibited as Mario is handheld by the silver haired goddess.

Princess Peach invites Twintelle to the Mushroom Kingdom after seeing her acting on the big screen, little does she realise the size difference at play. Twintelle arrives and dwarfs everything in sight, much to the shock of Peach who looks up at the giantess with a surprised facial expression plastered across her milky face.

These are just some of the renders created with Twintelle as a giantess through the magic of Source Filmmaker and all it's glory. None of this would've been possible without Valve's animation tool and of course the modellers who successfully extracted her 3D model from the Nintendo Switch to Xnalara.

Will there be more Twintelle giantess material? Well of course. Twintelle makes the perfect giantess and she's a beautiful woman with mouth watering assets. It would be a waste for her model to just rot away in my SFM inventory, so along with Urbosa Olivia and Marina, she'll continue to be put in large than life scenarios that are safe for work with pinch of kink.



  1. Twintelle was the highlight of Arms for me, I just hated the controls. I'm glad she's in Sourcefilmmaker so you can use her in your artwork.

  2. If it's not too much trouble, you really should consider creating a giantess comic. Your art is unique and I'll you also like creating fan fictions right? Two birds one stone.

  3. I would pay good money for her to crush me under those high heels.

  4. I love your work and Twintelle is sexy. So it's a win win.

  5. Twintelle should be a Arms rep for Super Smash Bros for obvious reasons.

  6. Thictelle is the hottest female character that Nintendo has created, Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina are cute but she's smoking hot.


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