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Pauline's Transformation in Super Mario Oddessy

Who knew Nintendo would bring back Pauline in a mainline game, Mario's first damsel in distress, well it's happening. After Nintendo unveiled their trailer for Super Mario Odyssey at E3 , one familiar name which kept popping up during Mario Odyssey's segment was "Pauline", the mayor of New Donk City. So who exactly is Pauline and what's her backstory? Like everything in New Donk City , Pauline is a character with strong ties to the Donkey Kong franchise — and you've for certain already heard her jazzy vocals as her melody is Oddessy's main theme song. Pauline was Mario’s primary love interest from Donkey Kong and she's finally back after a long hiatus. Before Princess Peach, Daisy or any of Mario's other love interests, there was Pauline who first appeared in the original Donkey Kong game from 1981. Though unlike nearly all of Mario's main squeezes, Pauline is not a princess in any shape or form. She's just your run of t

Twintelle Becomes a Giantess

2017 has been an extraordinary year for Nintendo and they have created some lovable new characters who not only stand out, but also have attracted a huge fan following in a short space of time. One of those characters happen to be Twintelle, the movie star from Nintendo's futuristic fighting game Arms who's well known for having a massive rear end. Arms may have lost steam since it's release in June 16th but that doesn't change the fact that their most popular character Twintelle is an exotic beauty who deserves to be worshipped and praised even if her game is losing relevancy. The mega celeb left people absolutely starstruck when she was first revealed and rightly so. She's curvy with a pretty doll face and beautiful chocolate skin, not only that but this mega celeb makes the perfect giantess. At 180 cm and weighing 136 pounds, she's fairly tall with a voluptuous frame that just screams "I have good genes". Forgot ARMS' Grand Prix , Twi

Tekken 7 Adds Swimsuit Costumes

Naughty fan service comes in the form of tight panties and Idolmaster outfits for Tekken 7 and if this isn't enough to see that Tekken is heading in a similar direction to rival fighting games Dead or Alive 5 and Street Fighter 5 then we don't know what else to say. Bandai Namco has certainly switched things up and it couldn't have been any more clearer with Lucky Chloe's debut . Tekken 7‘s first official dlc released on August 31st and included Ultimate Tekken Bowl among the anticipated swimsuits, Blood Vengeance School Uniforms and Idolmaster-themed outfits. Let's get one thing straight, Bandai Namco have clearly missed the mark in releasing their swimwear outfits during the summer holiday but regardless, this release is still a nice edition to Tekken 7's bare bones character customisation. Despite just being released on console and PC these aren't quite new items, in fact the swimsuits have been available on the arcade version of Tekken 7 since 201