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Why Nadine Ross is Sexy

Nadine Ross

Whether you'd like to admit it Nadine is a very hot woman as she is powerful, who oozes with confidence and takes no prisoners. She was first introduced in Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016) as a secondary antagonist and returns for the standalone dlc Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, alongside Chloe Frazer.

There's dozen of beautiful female characters in video games. However there is only one Nadine and despite her minimal role in UC4, Nadine still managed to leave a lasting impression. But what makes her so attractive? What is it about this alpha female that screams "hot and irresistible"?

She's beautiful

Nadine is very pleasing on the eyes, despite her slightly muscular frame which in fact adds to the martial artist's overall beauty and finesse. All in all Nadine is one of the hottest women to appear in the Uncharted series, standing toe to toe with popular Uncharted ladies Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer.

The South African mercenary's flawless skin and dark brown curly hair really makes her stand out amongst her peers. Nadine is eye-catching and appealing in every cut-scene from Uncharted 4 and that's due to her exotic look, exotic more so to the fact that no one else in the game has her aesthetics.

She's an Alpha female

What other woman in Uncharted history has managed to single handily take down Nathan Drake with her bare fists and feet? None. Better yet what woman in the series has taken down Nathan Drake and his brother Sam in a collapsing deathtrap?

Not only is Nadine a pretty face but she's also a highly trained martial artist who can whoop ass and make men double her size bleed. That's what makes her extremely hot, the fact she is able to take down strong men at the drop of a hat, without even breaking a sweat.

Nadine isn't your average woman, she can hang with the big boys and stick it to them if need be. She's a fearless and loyal leader who at one point controlled an army of blood thirsty men at her expense, after acquiring leadership from a deceased father.

There was something extremely hot about Nadine taking off her high heels, going barefoot and kicking the living snot out of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 like he stole her lunch money. Dare we say it was one of the best fight scenes in the game. Nadine is a badass and it's clearly evident why you should not mess with her.

No one in the series has given it to Drake quite the way Nadine has and it's understandable considering her martial arts background, but what a breathtaking and stiffening moment nevertheless, that truly asserted Nadine's dominance as a powerful female video game character who can hold her own against the toughest of foes.

Nadine Ross vs Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4

Her style

Nadine does what she wants and changes her hairstyle for the occasion as evident in The Lost Legacy, in which her hair is tied back into a ponytail. When she's not wearing a cleavage revealing top for a fancy ball, she looks equally stunning in a casual tank top and camouflage pants.

Heck, she can grab attention by wearing a black polo neck, puffy jacket and baggy pants.The former shoreline leader is as comfortable in her own skin as anyone. Just take a look at her outfits and it’s clear to see that she’s not bothered with how people see her.

The fact that she looks good whether she’s trying to or not is part of her allure. This mercenary's never ending style changes on a regular basis, which always keeps us on our toes. She stays real to herself and has fun, which in itself is what fashion is sincerely about, staying true to yourself.

She has nice feet

Naughty Dog really put a lot of effort into the 3D models in Uncharted 4, the poly count is ridiculously high and it's for this reason that Nadine came out looking stunning. Though Nadine's cute face and athletic figure aren't the only things that caught our eye. This might sound strange, but Nadine has pretty feet.

The kinky haired brawler takes good care of her feet and it's evident in the first fight scene between herself and Nate when she takes off her shoes to kick his ass. Nadine's pale soles which can only be seen for a brief moment are delicious, and it's unfortunate that Nadine never took off her shoes more often in Uncharted 4.

Nadine ross 3d model

Those enchanting eyes

It's an understatement to say that Nadine's gaze is nothing short of hot, steamy and cocksure. Nadine's brown eyes are beautiful and watching her seductively eyeing down and analysing people is a major hard wood moment, especially before she's about to kick ass with her barefeet.

Imagine lying down on a bed with her as she seductively stares into your eyes and you'll get the right picture. Nadine doesn't only have comely eyes but also a mean stare that translates to either beating you down or getting some top secret information out of you, just ask Nathan Drake.

Her smile

Nadine has a smile that could ignite the universe. She makes you want to grin with her, but you also want to make her smile just so you can relish in the glorification that is her smile. As well as being contagious, it's also very majestic looking; she looks just like a queen smiling at her loyal subjects.

That heavenly head of hair

As mentioned earlier it's no secret that Nadine's hair contributes to her alluring and glossy appearance. Nadine's kinky hair compliments her slender body and cute face. Big, bold and curly is the main reason this dark brown hairdo gives Nadine an extra oomf.

Nadine Ross in Uncharted the lost legacy

The Beat of Her Own Drum

One of the more pleasing parts to Nadine's persona is that she sincerely walks to the beat of her own drum. No one is going to tell her differently and she for certain doesn’t need to the protection of any strong male characters to survive.

She's the cutest Dancer ever

Okay so the dance emotes in Uncharted 4's online multiplayer mode aren't exclusive to one character and everyone in the game can equip them as a taunt, but it doesn't change the fact that Nadine looks so cute busting a move, especially when she twerks and shakes her donk.

She's super smart

Nadine Ross has beauty and brains. It's not easy running an army but the former Shoreline leader did that all by herself without any aide or assistance. She's not stupid neither and knows her limits, as evident when she left Rafe behind to flee Avery's death trap of a vessel after his betrayal.

She is so articulated and perceptive when she talks. Nadine knows what she's speaking about and contributes fantastic things to any conversation she is apart of. Most significantly, she considers the opinion of everyone she speaks to.


  1. Nadine is very hot, I wish she were playable in Uncharted the lost legacy.

  2. Glad I'm the only one that peeped Nadine's barefeet, gave a hard on when I first saw that cutscene.

  3. Gotta applaud Naughty Dog for creating Nadine, she's a hot woman.

  4. I think i just creamed my pants, but in all seriousness Nadine Ross even rivals female video game icons like Lara Croft, Chun Li, Samus Aran and Nina Williams, who I'm certain she could take down with ease.

  5. I agreed with everything. Something about that "im cool" scene in Lost Legacy does something to me man. She could crush my skull between her thighs and Id say thank you with my dying breath.


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