Top 10 Nintendo Butts

twintelle arms

Bottoms up! Regardless of what you call it—booty, junk in the trunk, donk, bootius maximus, or apple bottom, there’s no denying butts are a glorious sight in video games. Subtle sexual innuendos have been running rampant in Nintendo games for decades, despite their family friendly reputation. This article is a celebration of Nintendo's greatest booties in recent years.

Not many people will admit to admiring the derrière of a computer generated bombshell, but I couldn't resist the urge to celebrate some of the hottest female buns in Nintendo's multifaceted universe. Let's enjoy the top 10 best backsides in Nintendo today.

10. Kate Alen

F-Zero Kate Alen
Kate Alen by DevinHWorks 

F-Zero's musical sensation Kate Alen is packing not only strong vocals but also a plump backside. Gamecube's F-Zero GX highlights the diva's strong thick thighs and fat behind due to her skimpy and revealing two piece outfit. Unfortunately it's unlikely we'll see Kate Alen again due to Nintendo's refusal to revive their second most beloved racing series of all time.

9. Princess Peach

Princess Peach butt
Princess Peach's Butt attack 

The princess' derrière is well hidden, but that's not to say she doesn't have a nice tushy. Spin-off Mario sports games like tennis and golf unleashes the beast for all peering eyes to gawk at. Super Smash Bros even has her attack people with it, fancy that.

8. Rosalina 

Mario kart 8 rosalina ass
Rosalina bike racing in Mario Kart 8

No one would've known Rosalina was hiding such a beautiful rear end, had her long dress not been exchanged for a more suitable racing outfit in Mario Kart 8. Rosalina's biker suit exposes the blonde's petite behind as she puts her feet to the pedal.

7. Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy butt
Princess Daisy in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Princess Daisy is an energetic athletic tomboy with well toned buns, and despite living in Princess Toadstool's shadow for over a decade, I think we can all agree that even on her worse day Daisy has the better butt. Daisy wearing her football, golf and tennis outfits are enough evidence.

6. Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

Princess Zelda ass
Princess Zelda bending over in Botw

Breath of the Wild not only introduced players to a world full of open world exploration, but also Zelda's butt. In several cheeky angles, players are treated to a subtle yet full view shot of the princess' Royal donk. The most obvious shot is when she bends down in the field and captures a frog.

5. Wii Fit Trainer

Wii fit trainer in Super Smash Bros
Wii Fit Trainer knocked out

The Wii Fit trainer may be petite in size but her toned glutes are a marvellous sight to behold. Wii Fit Trainer is the embodiment of fitness freak and it's only right that Nintendo gave her the fittest booty in all of Super Smash Bros. Captain Falcon and Sheik have nothing on this yoga pants wearing milky gal.

4. Carisa (Breath of the Wild)

Carisa in botw
Carisa in Breath of the Wild

It would be a crime for no gerudo to make the list since the amazon beauties are packing some serious cake in Breath of the Wild. While Urbosa and Riju stole the spotlight from their kin, we still have to appreciate one Gerudo's bubble butt in particular. Carisa is a npc in Gerudo town who has a massive bottom, sav'saaba anyone?

3. Olivia (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Olivia
Olivia's signature pose

Who wears booty shorts better than Pokemon Sun and Moon's beautiful Kahuna Olivia, that's the million dollar question. This exotic Alola beauty not only looks absolutely gorgeous but also has a petite yet plump donk. When Olivia poses to expose her fatty, it's only the best thing ever.

2. Zero Suit Samus 

Zero Suit Samus

Samus Aran's skin tight bodysuit reveals the blonde bombshell's butt and what a pleasant treat it is. Samus' massive bum sticks out for all to see while the deadly mercenary struts her stuff. The Zero Suit has gained a reputation for it's lewd appearance but you'll find no complains from me.

1. Twintelle (Arms)

Twintelle booty
Twintelle in Arms

Twintelle's butt nuff' said. Seriously this diva's juicy booty has dethroned Samus Aran as the best Nintendo female butt in Nintendo history, in fact she could well have one of the best butts in video games today. As Twintelle elegantly walks in high heels, you can't help but glance at her mouth watering buns.


  1. Twintelle has the best booty and she's the only reason I bought Arms.

  2. I never got the hype for Zero Suit Samus personally and Princess Peach doesn't deserve to be on this list.

    1. That bodysuit is the only reason I main Samus Aran in Super Smash Bros.

    2. I just find her appearance boring.

  3. Breath of the Wild blessed us with Princess Zelda's royal butt, never thought I'd see that happen in my life time.

  4. Princess Daisy > Rosalina > Princess Peach

  5. No Wario or Captain Falcon? Major fail.

  6. I'm surprised Princess Daisy has so much junk in the trunk.

  7. Princess Daisy's football, golf, tennis, AND baseball. Let's not forget the sexy butt shot you can see when she's pitching! Same goes for the beautiful Princess Peach!


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