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Top 10 Nintendo Butts

Nintendo Arms Twintelle
Bottoms up! Regardless of what you call it—booty, junk in the trunk, donk, bootius maximus, or apple bottom, there’s no denying butts are a glorious sight in video games when shown in the perfect angle. Subtle sexual innuendos have been running rampant in Nintendo games for decades, despite their family friendly reputation. This article is a celebration of Nintendo's greatest female booties in recent years.

It's no a secret that Nintendo have been trying to attract an adult audience for quite some time now, and sexualized female characters have been appearing more frequently in Nintendo games of late. Not to say it wasn't a thing considering characters like The Great Fairy and Kate Alen existed long before, but in the year 2017 we were blessed tenfold.

Not many people will admit to admiring and ogling the derrière of a computer generated bombshell, but we couldn't resist the urge to celebrate some of the hottest and most distracting female buns in Nintendo's multifaceted universe, whether tiny or huge. Let's enjoy the top 10 best backsides in Nintendo games today.

Kate Alen (F-Zero)

f zero kate alen

F-Zero's musical sensation Kate Alen is packing not only strong vocals but also a plump backside. Gamecube's F-Zero GX highlights the diva's powerful thighs and curvaceous behind, along with her skimpy and revealing two piece outfit. Unfortunately it's unlikely we'll ever see Kate again due to Nintendo's refusal to revive their second most beloved racing series of all time.

Thanks to Sega and it's development of F-Zero GX, Kate Alen was one of the first female Nintendo characters to attribute voluptuous assets in a Nintendo ip. Feel free to correct us if we're wrong but before Kate's redesign in GX, there weren't any curvy female Nintendo characters (if any at all) who could hold a candlelight to Kate Alen's delicious curves. While we never actually not got to see Kate Alen's ass in GX, those thighs practically speak for themselves.

Kate's chances of ever being a playable character or assist trophy in the Smash Bros series is unfortunately slim pickings, but there's still a trinket of hope yet. Super Smash Bros 4. for Wii U recently saw the inclusion of several new F-Zero character trophies, among those were various memorable faces. If we are ever to see Kate Alen and that lovely ass, it'll surely be as a HD trophy, fingers crossed.

Princess Peach

Mario Golf princess Peach

Princess Peach's derrière is well hidden from view and it's been that way since 1985, but that's not to say she doesn't have a decent keister beneath that dress. Mario spin-offs such as tennis and golf unleashes the beast for all peering eyes to gawk at, although none more so than Mario Strikers charged, SSX on Tour and Mario Golf Toadstool Tour which showed the world what Peach was really working with in 3D.

Another spin-off series infatuated with Princess Peach's bottom is Super Smash Bros, which even has her attack people with it, fancy that. It's also worth noting that Peach's most powerful attack is indeed her ass. In Melee, out of all 26 moves a character uses, Peach has five butt attacks in total. Meaning almost 20 % of all her moves consist of deadly romp attacks. Lest we forget the amount of booty Peach has when she wears a Tanooki suit in Super Mario World 3D.


Mario Kart 8 Rosalina biker suit

We doubt anyone realised Rosalina was hiding that much ass underneath her dress, had the space queen not ditched her fancy gown for a more suitable racing outfit in Mario Kart 8. Rosalina's jumpsuit exposes the blonde gal's tiny behind as she puts her foot to the pedal. Many are probably guilty of only choosing Rosalina just so they can stare at her butt the entire time and who can blame them.

While the size of her rump is nothing to write home about, from the perfect angle it's hard to look away, especially as she desperately drifts tight corners. Believe it or not, Mario Kart 8 isn't the only game to showcase Rosalina's sweet behind, unintentionally or not. Mario and Sonic Rio Olympics 2016 blesses us with even more close up and personal angles of her ass during the rhythm gymnastics mini game.

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy playing tennis

Daisy is an energetic athletic tomboy with well toned buns and despite living in Princess Peach's shadow for over a decade, we can all agree that even on her worse day Daisy has the better butt. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour was were all the fun began, which was incidentally also around the same time Nintendo tried to to inject individuality into Daisy. Oh and let's not forget the debut of her hottest outfits to date.

Although it wouldn't be until five years later that Daisy would appear in Mario Strikers and debut that curvesome football uniform which did a great job of exposing her delightful short shorts. Daisy looks absolutely yummy in Strikers, especially during her cute animated cutscenes, whether she's showing off or seething with anger. Daisy's Mario Strikers promotional art really shows us what she's working with, providing a great view of her cute tush.

As the graphics have evolved with each generation, we have also seen the evolution of Daisy's sports outfit in all it's HD glory and this look has certainly given her an edge over the competition in recent years. She simply looks amazing in those short shorts whether playing tennis, golf or riding a horse in Mario Sports Mix.

Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

Botw Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not only introduced players to a world full of open world exploration and breathtaking scenery, but also Zelda's butt. In several cheeky angles, players are treated to a subtle yet full view shot of the princess' Royal donk. The most obvious shot is when she bends down in the field and captures a frog for Link to consume.

For all we know Princess Zelda has probably always had a nice booty hiding under that dress but it wasn't until Breath of the Wild that Nintendo finally pulled the trigger, and it only took them 31 years. Let's get something straight, a nice butt doesn't always have to mean a big one and this is definitely the most 'well rounded' version of Princess Zelda we have gotten so far.

While she’s worn different garments throughout over the years, Princess Zelda’s blossom dress is her most familiar sartorial choice. In Breath of the Wild her blue top and black pants, while a pretty immense departure from previous games, was one of the best decisions Nintendo could've made in redefining Princess Zelda's casual outfit whilst blessing us with all that ass.

Wii Fit Trainer

Wii fit trainer ass

This lean, mean, exercise machine made her debut in Super Smash Bros 4. with a whole lot of ass. The Wii Fit trainer may be petite in size but her toned glutes are a marvellous sight to behold. Wii Fit Trainer is the embodiment of fitness freak and it's only right that Nintendo gave her the tightest booty in all of Super Smash Bros. Captain Falcon and Sheik have nothing on this yoga pants wearing fitness junkie.

The Wii Fit Trainer teaches exercises such as yoga and aerobic, along with other basic yet vital exercises, such as press-ups, planking and squats. So it's no surprising why her physically fit body and tight butt looks so appetising in yoga pants. Let's just say attending The Wit Fit Trainer's fitness class would always be a treat and we're not talking about the exercise.

Min Min (ARMS)

Nintendo arms min min

Min Min's addiction to dumplings and homespun ramen noodles has definitely benefited the chinese martial artist, more specifically her ass. Many would agree that Nintendo Arms is most beloved for it's fast play style, colourful graphics and plentiful ass. Min Min's athletic shorts casually reveal her big fat butt and those curvaceous thighs are probably where all the ramen noodles end up.

Every time Min Min appears on screen it's an exciting moment, and not because of her flashy fighting moves nor the long springy arms spewing from her shoulders, but more importantly all that ass. Those 'thicc' thighs and that booty… We’re all mesmerised, it’s not just you. Her athletic shorts are a bit baggy though, but don’t be fooled – donk underneath, the upper photo say it all.

Olivia (Pokemon Sun and Moon)


Who rocks booty shorts better than the beautiful Kahuna Olivia in Pokemon Sun and Moon, that's the million dollar question, because Olivia is bootylicious and unmatched in all aspects. This exotic Alola beauty not only looks absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, but she also has a petite yet mouth watering donk that's extremely distracting. When Olivia strikes a pose to expose her fatty, it's only the best thing ever.

You might love her, or you might not care for her, but you can't deny that her booty game is firm and on point. she, like almost everyone else who wears booty shorts, doesn't have even the slightest problem showing it off neither, hence her highly suggestive poses. The Kahuna confidently embraces her naturally curvy body and looks stunning from every angle. Let's just say Olivia has one of the most desirable bodies and bums in Alola.

Zero Suit Samus

Zero suit samus

Samus is a female character who's best known for being the playable heroine in Metroid and also having a delicious looking butt. Samus Aran's skin tight bodysuit reveals the blonde bombshell's butt and what a pleasant delicacy it is. Samus' massive bum sticks out for all to see while the deadly mercenary struts her stuff in style. The Zero Suit has gained a reputation for it's lewd appearance but you'll find no complains from us.

She still has one of the most recognisable, as well as the biggest butts in the extended Nintendo universe. It really is kind of impressive considering how long she's been around, but there's no doubt that she continues to stop people in their tracks on the battlefield and from the back. Samus has a lot of things about her that are attractive, and one of them is her shiny metal butt.

Twintelle (Arms)

Twintelle arms

Twintelle's butt nuff' said. Seriously this woman's booty has dethroned Samus Aran as the best Nintendo female butt in Nintendo history, in fact she could well have one of the best butts in video games today. As the movie star elegantly walks in high heels, you can't help but stare at her mouth watering assets. Twintelle certainly has a pretty big bum, but it's also in amazing shape too.

The mega celeb has become very popular for her ass and she definitely isn't shy about showing it off neither, which is clearly shown clear in ARMS as the actress structs towards her opponents. Twintelle wears tight pants probably made of leather, the point being that she seems to want to let the whole world know just how juicy looking her booty is. A mix of hips, booty, pretty face and celebrity status, she's got it all.

Twintelle is one gorgeous woman with tons of success, but her looks and career are always in the shadow of her enormous butt, and we mean that literally. 
Regardless of her ass Twintelle is without a doubt one of the most popular characters in the history of the relatively new Nintendo ip Arms and she's not even the main character. Congrats to you, Twintelle! You have one of the best butts in the Nintendo universe and we love you for it!


  1. Twintelle has the best booty and she's the only reason I bought Arms.

  2. I never got the hype for Zero Suit Samus personally and Princess Peach doesn't deserve to be on this list.

    1. That bodysuit is the only reason I main Samus Aran in Super Smash Bros.

    2. I just find her appearance boring.

  3. Breath of the Wild blessed us with Princess Zelda's royal butt, never thought I'd see that happen in my life time.

  4. Princess Daisy > Rosalina > Princess Peach

  5. Twintelle has no competition.

  6. No Wario or Captain Falcon? Major fail.

  7. I'm surprised Princess Daisy has so much junk in the trunk.

  8. Princess Daisy's football, golf, tennis, AND baseball. Let's not forget the sexy butt shot you can see when she's pitching! Same goes for the beautiful Princess Peach!

  9. Twintelle, best girl

  10. Peach's peaches might not be the largest, butt she has such a powerful ass that I wanna see them booty-fight (Keijo) so bad!


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