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Street Fighter V Unleashes Hot Goddess Menat

menat street fighter v

Capcom have unveiled that fortune teller Menat will be the newest DLC character joining Street Fighter V's roster. She was revealed during the 2017 E-Sports Festival in Hong Kong. Making her debut appearance in Ed’s Story Mode. Menat is a hot dark skinned mystic who's fighting style is similar to Street Fighter Alpha's Rose and Soul Calibur's Violet.

From her trailer it seems Menat’s fighting technique depends heavily on manipulating her orbs or possibly crystal balls thus the fortune teller reference, as she can utilise them to both mix-up an enemy player while dishing out some serious damage.

In Menat's trailer we also get a look at both her story and battle outfits which look absolutely hot beyond words. Also revealed are some new 30th anniversary costumes for characters that will release on the same day Menat is to be playable.

Menat is also known as the “eyes of the future”, and her look is centralized around ancient Egyptian motifs similar to Dragon Ball Super Helles. The name Menat itself could possibly be in reference to the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, who was said to have worn a menat necklace to ward of evil spirits and bring forth good luck.

It's quite a surprise but Capcom have managed to redeem themselves after the stink bomb that was Abigail who was revealed back in July at Evo 2017. She is clearly a ebony waifu who even rivals Tekken 7's voluptuous female ninja Master Raven. It's worth noting that Menat is the fifth newcomer in Street Fighter V and the game's second new female fighter after Laura Matsuda.

Without a doubt Menat is one of Street Fighter's hottest new characters even rivalling series veteran Chun Li, but why is this Egyptian goddess so goddamn sexy and what suddenly makes her waifu material? Well that's easy. For one all of her outfits are on point, two of which reveal the fortune teller's yummy belly button.

Capcom has gained a reputation for creating lewd outfits for their female characters and this evidently isn't a new a thing when you look at the default outfit for SFIII Elena, a capoeira dancer who fights barefoot in nothing more than underpants and a bikini top. With that said, Menat's saucy and revealing garbs fit right in with the series.

Menat Street Fighter 5 costumes

Out of Menat's standard, story mode and battle costume, it's no secret that her battle outfit is the sexiest design of them all. The portion of mummy wraps which cover Menat's entire body give of an impression that she is completely unclothed beneath them, a beautiful thought indeed.

Though don't be so quick to write off Menat's default costume which is just as alluring. Capcom knew what they were doing when they squeezed Menat into a tight top and black latex leggings with open toes. Did we mention how delicious Menat's feet look? It's not often that Street Fighter ladies fight barefoot but when they do it's a beautiful thing.

If you take a closer look you can see that Menat's feet are actually smaller in comparison to Ryu's which is a minor but crucial attention to detail. Not only do her toes and bare heels look tasty but also smooth, they're simply perfect. If you thought Laura, Ibuki and Juri had sexy feet just take a glance at Menat's and weep. Meet the new foot queen of Street Fighter 5.

Menat is just as hot below the belt as she is above it, those sexy long legs really look the part and they're not just for show. Menat's fighting style incorporates lethal kicks which could seriously put you in a coma and her Critical Art even ends in a deadly boot to the head. The only thing that takes away from her walking sticks are those cute green eyes.

She can also dance, Menat's belly dancing looks extremely seductive as she shakes her petite cakes. Could Menat have one of the most sexiest animated Critical Arts in the game yet? Watching Menat shaking her hips as the camera cheekily zooms in is a very hot moment that deserves much praise.

Menat's purple coloured bob hairstyle simply slays and suits her round face along with the gold headband which seemingly holds her hair in place. The length flatters her head shape and the longer layers give it a sexy feel. This cut and colour is a sophisticated yet young look with a sleek finish.
Her kick attacks show that Menat is a very flexible girl, who can stretch and bend her long legs for days. Menat raises her powerful thighs to connect a firm kick to Ryu's skull so effortlessly. Menat also does some sexy splits, moving casually as she drops to the floor and slides towards her opponent.

This chocolate beauty has beautiful green eyes, a gorgeous hairstyle and some long sexy legs. She's a unique character who stands out among the roster and is a great replacement for Rose. As mentioned earlier, players can get their hands on Menat on the 29th of August along with the two other costumes and a new story to boot.


  1. I can't wait to play as Menat, I'll probably end up dropping Chun Li for her, hopefully she's not a charge character either.

    1. I reckon she plays just like Rose did in Street fighter iv.

    2. Oh, well I never used Rose in sf4 so i don't know she plays either.

  2. Menat is adorable I can't wait to use her.

  3. She seems like a cool character, I'm gonna try her out.

  4. The best dlc Street Fighter newcomer thus far. I usually main Laura and Karin but gonna see how she is when Capcom releases her.

  5. Wow Menat is really hot, I especially love her feet lol.


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