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ARMS: Twintelle meets Doc Louis

Tiny Doc Louis rests on Giantess Twintelle
Twintelle and Punch Out!! Doc Louis

Nintendo's Arms and Punch Out share several similarities, one being that they're both first party Nintendo boxing games with an array of vibrant, colorful characters who have distinct designs and pack a mean punch. It's no secret that Arms is the Punch Out successor for Nintendo Switch.

With my lazy comparisons out the way let's focus on Arms break out star Twintelle, yes the mega diva who overshadowed the entire roster of Arms with her juicy assets. I've seen several artworks featuring Punch Out's main protagonist Little Mac and Twintelle on Deviantart, although I wanted to do something different.

Enter Doc Louis, an ex heavyweight champion, Little Mac's coach and a well known chocoholic. Thus the inspiration for my next render was envisioned. As stated Doc Louis loves chocolate bars and Twintelle is a caramel beauty from head to toe, who also happens to have the best Nintendo tushy.

Let's make one thing clear, Doc Louis wouldn't have been my first choice to be paired up  with her. In fact originally I wanted Philadelphia
 Heavyweight Mr Sandman, but unfortunately his 3D model doesn't exist online.

None of the Punch Out!! Wii models have been extracted from the game and while he does have a trophy in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros, it hasn't been ripped to The Model Resource, a website focused specifically on extracting video game models.

Punch out Sandman versus King Hippo
Mr Sandman Vs. King Hippo

Twintelle seems like the type who would fall for a strong and tall alpha male such as Mr Sandman, a muscular brute who doesn't hesitate to send his opponents to dreamland. Not to mention Sandman is only 31 years old so there wouldn't be much of a age difference. Mind you I'm only referring to his reboot design.

Anyway back to Twintelle and Doc Louis's mischievous shipping. I enjoy this coupling despite Doc Louis being several years older than her. Besides she's 26 years old so this pairing isn't creepy. Twintelle is a grown woman with a 
voluptuous body and there's no mistaking that.

You know something that feels so wrong yet so right, that's this union. Senior Doc Louis being paired with Twintelle gives an impression that the retired boxer is a lewd old man who is lusting over a young attractive woman, way out of his league. Though if Doc plays his cards right, he may just have a shot.

It's quite humorous to know that Twintelle is subtly entertaining his advances, that's what this art piece is depicting. A giant Twintelle rests 
comfortably on her belly, relaxing idly as Doc Louis clings to the celeb's juicy bottom.

At any given moment the actress could squish Doc Louis like a bug, but instead she allows him to grope her as she sticks her jiggly donk out like bait, enticing Doc to cop a feel without saying a single word.

By lying down in a suggestive position, she knew that Doc Louis wouldn't be able to resist groping her glutes, something that happens to be large, soft and succulent. Twintelle lures him in and unwinds as she feels the tiny man's man clinging onto her pants.

Doc Louis eating a chocolate bar in Punch out!!
Doc Louis eating a chocolate bar

An alternate version created specifically for Tumblr, sees Doc Louis thinking about chocolate as he ogles Twintelle's curvy buns. Doc Louis sees chocolate when he looks at Twintelle.

Doc Louis loves chocolate so these two being paired up isn't entirely far fetched. Twintelle is a beautiful woman dipped in chocolate. Again I primitively wasn't happy with this pairing due to the age difference but eventually I warmed up to it.

The concept was simple, Twintelle would be a giantess while Doc Louis was macro in size. I wanted Twintelle's rear end to be the main focus which the retired boxer worshipped and drooled over like chocolate syrup.


Twintelle catches Doc Louis drooling over her donk as she runs on a treadmill. Feeling mischievous the diva entertains him, blowing a kiss and walking out the gym into a hallway, whilst winking suggestively at the coach who is eating his chocolate bar while leaning against a wall.

Doc Louis wastes no time following behind her like a love sick puppy as his tongue hangs out,  but not before finishing his chocolate bar. Twintelle continues to slowly strut down the hallway until she enters an empty room. Leaving the door halfway open, she signals for him to come inside with her index finger.

The old man hurries into the room but is immediately met with a blinding light which sends him into an unconscious state. Doc Louis eventually wakes up to see giantess Twintelle looking down upon him. No longer are they in the gym, but now a new unfamiliar setting.

Arms Giantess Twintelle and shrunken Doc Louis
Doc Louis loves chocolate

Doc Louis is hit with a cupid arrow as he glances up at the giant woman, who is looking down at him like a snack. Twintelle smiles enticingly and teases him by lifting her feet above his head as if she's about to crush his entire body with her high heels.

Doc Louis sweats as Twintelle taunts him but sighs in relief the moment she stops. Not too soon after she drops to the ground and rests on her stomach. Pointing to her behind, Twintelle looks away and relaxes with one leg up.

The former heavyweight pinches himself to see if he's dreaming before running towards Twintelle and climbing onto her and gripping her pants for support. Finally reaching her phatty,  Doc Louis rests on it, casually groping the large woman's buns with all his might.


  1. Giantess Twintelle is so yum.

  2. I would love for Doc Louis and Little Mac to make a cameo appearance in ARMS, I know it's a different universe and era but even a reference or easter egg wouldn't be bad.

  3. I love your giantess artwork, please make more stories as well.

  4. I don't care what anyone says, you know damn well that Little Mac can't handle Twintelle. Dude is like 4'8 in the Nes version of Punch Out!!, meanwhile Twintelle is 5'9.

    1. Little is 5'7 in the wii reboot but I get your point, even then he's shorter than Twintelle. Mr Sandman or Disco Kid would be a better ship.

    2. I think Disco Kid would be more interested in Spring Man than Twintelle if you catch my drift.

    3. You never know Disco Kid could swing both ways, even then I could see Twintelle and Disco Kid becoming good friends.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The only reason I bought Arms was out of interest for Twintelle, she's cute. Don't get me wrong the gameplay is fun but if Twintelle wasn't a playable character then I wouldn't have tried it lol originally .


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