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Master Raven: Tekken's Kunoichi Waifu

Tekken 7 master raven bodysuit

The beautiful Master Raven made her debut in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, replacing male counterpart Raven, who was first introduced in Tekken 5 alongside several other fighters. Raven has seemingly been cut from the Tekken 7 roster for a hotter female equivalent, but who's complaining?

Master Raven is a beautiful and voluptuous muscled tone woman, well fitting for a master ninja. Not only does her thick body compliment the gorgeous brown and blonde dreadlocks stylishly worn on her dome, but also the tight fitting body suit which is in similar fashion to Nina Williams and Taki from Soul Calibur.

I was filled with joy when she was first revealed in 2016. Kunimitsu and Raven fans probably wept but I rejoiced, never in the franchise history had there ever been a character such as Master Raven, outside of her male counterpart, the female ninja's character design is truly unique and breaks barriers.

It's also really hot how her backstory reveals she's a superior to Raven. Going by Master Raven's story mode ending it's safe to say she wears the pants in the relationship. Raven is her loyal subordinate and that only makes Master Raven a strong dominating woman worth drooling over.

The Xnalara community, a group of 3D enthusitats on Deviantart has been ripping in-game Tekken models ever since Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and it wouldn't be long until someone finally ripped and converted the kunoichi in all her thick glory.

The great thing about Xnalara is that models are rigged from head to toe, meaning you don't have to rig them yourself in a software like Blender or 3ds Max. Unfortunately that's only the halfway point for myself, an animator who uses Source Filmmaker and has to convert the model to a suitable format for Valve's animation software.

I knew from the first time witnessing Master Raven crush and destroy Jack-6 in her debut trailer that I wanted to create kinky art with this beautiful ebony goddess. Only I didn't realise it was would happen so soon. As a matter of fact i didn't think she'd be ported to Xnalara until at least 2018 the earlier.

Thankfully i was proven wrong and this was all thanks to Bandai Namco for not making Tekken 7 a PlayStation 4 timed exclusive. Bringing it to Steam was one of the best decisions Bamco could've done.

After the long and dreaded conversion from Xnalara to Source Filmmaker, seeing your successfully ported model in SFM is such a awarding feeling. Being able to control Master Raven in such a complex yet easy to use animation software like Source Filmmaker really excites the soul.

pov of giantess Master Raven feet
Pov of Master Raven's bare sole

So with that said I decided to take it upon myself to kink up Master Raven, I have a lot planned for her and for my first artwork I've decided to keep it nice and simple. Being a foot fetish guy, my first render was of her wrinkled soles. What's that you say, Master Raven wears boots and her feet are hidden?

Well that's partly true, Master's Raven's feet are clearly not visible in game, but that doesn't mean her feet won't be seen in the future. What do I mean? Well in the foreseeable future Bandai Namco will be releasing swimsuit outfits as downloadable content.

Like TTT2, Tekken 7 is getting bikini summer outfits as dlc, this was also confirmed in the PC version Datamined files along with other game modes. Yes Master Raven will be barefoot and show some skin.

Currently the only female characters who have barefoot customization are Alisa bosconovitch,  Katarina Alves and Lucky Chloe. Though we did managed to see a shot of Master Raven's feet through a Tekken 7 FR render. Let's just say they're decent but not satisfactory.

Master Raven's feet appear to be an afterthought, the reason i came to this conclusion is because her soles aren't pale, they're the same color as her complexion. Dark skin people usually have pale feet but this isn't the case with Master Raven.

While her toes look delicious, the non-existent light soles ruin her feet and overall they don't stand out compared to Katarina's sore looking bare feet. Had she been given realistic ebony soles, then it would have made all the difference.

Which is why I had to fix this in my latest still renders. Body swapping is a tedious job but when done right the results are outstanding. I struggled with feet swaps in the past but as they say with practice comes success. Funny enough only recently have I been able to properly swap body parts with ease and it was all thanks to a helpful SFM workshop tutorial.

Giantess Master Raven and Shrunken man
Giantess Master Raven watching tiny Raven

Anyway for my first render I kept things simple by having Master Raven reveal one sole as apposed to my usual and tired feet poses. It went from foot showcase to implied giantess as I played with the pov.

I'll admit ever since joining Deviantart my foot fetish has grown tenfold and I can't resist giving every new 3D female model the chance to display their delicate soles, even if it means giving them feet.

Hence the reason I have created a second foot showcase of Master Raven's soles. This time in the basic sitting pose which puts great focus on her feet, depending on the camera angle.

Now with two feet pictures of Master Raven, I have little desire to do any more barefoot stuff with of her and will be moving onto other kinks. What's that you ask? Too mature for blogger but these future works will be posted on Tumblr and Devianatart in the future.

Aside from the foot stuff, I've grown to enjoy creating giantess content. Again ever since joining DA, this kink has grown. Of course Master Raven wasn't safe from the GTS treatment and I'll be rolling out several giantess pictures featuring the thick ninja.

Master Raven's foot pov was just the beginning, an image which allowed the viewer to decide whether it was foot worship or giantess material. I'd say it leans more towards giantess territory since she has her leg up like she's about to squish a bug. Again it's up to you how you interpret it.

I've grown a slight obsession with Master Raven ever since playing with her in Tekken 7 and obtaining her 3D model. Which is a good thing as i'll create some passionate artwork with one of my favorite video game waifus.

Tekken Master raven revealing her barefoot and feet
Master Raven resting her barefeet

Update: 22/03/2018

So just an update on what I've been doing with Master Raven since 2017 and beyond.. It's been a pleasure, especially since she's my favourite Tekken character. I honestly feel some Tekken fans hold a grudge against her for being Raven's female counterpart, not holding up to their standard of beauty or in some way for taking Kunimitsu's role as the series female ninja.

Which in turn motivates me to create more artwork of this beautiful yet underrated kunoichi ninja. Although it wasn't as simple as meets the eye. For one updating Master Raven't model was an absolute must if I wanted to create quality art with her. So if you haven't already noticed, I updated her hair, skin and overall mesh.

Honestly Master Raven looks better much without her faceplates but removing this in Blender wasn't possible without ruining her face. Thankfully a lewd model of Master Raven has been released in Xnalara, which does away with her entire clothes and body armour, leaving little to imagination.

One of the hardest parts about working with Master Raven is constantly having to restyle and pose her long dreadlocks which tend to be all over the place, it's a tedious job which requires lots of patience but in the end it's all worth while, when working with such a cute character.

What's funny is while working on Master Raven's model I have learnt so much more about  Blender and it's because of my love for the character that I have even gotten this far in regards to modelling important details that make a world of difference in SFM's world.

Initially I felt i had done all there was to do with her feet but recently returned to a foot render featuring the curvy fighter and made some well needed adjustments, from her pose right down to giving her pretty new soles.

Master Raven is hot and it's only right that her bare feet look the part. This involved giving the fighter softer and more realistic looking soles. Master Raven wears steel boots and as a ninja is quick on her toes, so it's only natural that her feet will work up a quite a sweat upon removing footwear.

Doesn't Master Raven remind you of another Bandai Namco character? Think about it.. A tight bodysuit, long hair and thick female ninja who looks sexy and is extremely agile. If you haven't figured it out by now I'm talking about Taki from Soul Calibur, previously mentioned.

Tekken 7 Master Raven feet
An update of  Master Raven's feet.

I was thinking that it would've been great if she was given Taki's default outfit as an easter egg  in Tekken 7 for fan service. Maybe it's asking too much from Bandai Namco considering their lack of extra content.. But can you just imagine Master Raven wearing Taki's skin tight bodysuit and revealing even more delicious curves?

Master Raven has the assets and it's proven every time she appears on screen in Tekken 7, whether in her intro, performing a Rage art or facing opponents. For years many have foamed at the mouth for Nina Willam's curvaceous purple catsuit, but there's a new fighter who rivals the veteran's thickness and it's not Ganyru.

This is one of the reasons why Master Raven is so befitting as a giantess. Her well-endowed
 size, tough persona and deadly Ninjutsu martial arts give off the impression that she is a tomboy at heart and would think nothing of squishing a bug invading her personal space. As you may have already recognised, Master Raven isn't your typical girly fighter, but that doesn't make her any less attractive.

Master Raven's first giantess art involved her subordinate Raven being shrunken to macro size, along with an animated version. Though this was just the beginning and Master Raven's giantess ventures has her cross paths with other characters from the series.

Besides from Raven, Master Raven's next victim was none other than Asuka Kazama, Jin's cousin and Lillie's comical rival. While not the first choice, she was one of the few high quality Tekken models available in SFM with easily accessible controls.

The first encounter see Asuka trapped in a glass jar, placed between Master Raven's legs as the female ninja looks into our point of view. Asuka is shrunken by a shrink ray and cruelly held against her own will for reasons unknown. Although it's safe to say that she won't be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Giantess Master Raven captures Asuka Kazama
Master Raven captures Asuka Kazama

Master Raven is a futuristic ninja who vanishes into thin air in a universe where bears fight with kangaroos, so it's not far fetched that she'd own a shrink ray gun or a shrinking device of some sort. It's a perfect examination as to how  her victims become so small and  tiny. Obviously logic isn't top priority in these scenarios, but it adds to what little story there is.

Asuka's second meeting with Master Raven sees her literally being crushed beneath the kunoichi's rear. Asuka doesn't stand a chance as she helplessly struggles for air but to no avail.
By the time Master Rave finishes crushing Asuka she'll need a new bodysuit. Not only that but in this gif was also Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu is trapped in glass and can only watch in horror as Asuka is turned into a pancake, realising she's 
next. The idea is that Master Raven has captured these girls and shrunken them with a shrink ray gun, only to be flattened and ill-treated. How they were captured is left up to the viewer's imagination but it can be assumed that Master Raven defeated them beforehand.

I'll admit animating this gif was quite a challenge as I didn't want Master Raven's body movements to look stiff nor unrealistic. Looking back I could see myself returning to this gif and improving on it, although I'd rather focus on creating new content instead.

As a giantess, Master Raven not only crushes her opponents but also eats them and Xiaoyu learns this the hard way. I wanted to create vore with Master Raven and decided Xiaoyu would make the perfect snack.

The problem with creating vore pictures is for them to be sfw you have to keep the victim's clothes on which can be a bummer if you are going for a more realistic approach, although this  minor pet peeve hasn't stopped me from creating vore animations.

A close up pov of Master Raven's mouth as she sticks her tongue out witnesses Xiaoyu stuck to it like bubble gum, ready to be devoured whole. Does she crunch, swallow or play with her victim? That's up to you, but it's definitely implied that Master Raven whets her appetite if barely.


Tekken master raven vore
Master Raven eats Xiaoyu 

Xiaoyu is extremely tiny and easily digestible and this is just the way Master Raven likes it. The kunoichi teases you by sticking her tongue out, showing us that Xiaoyu is about to become apart of her inner realm permanently. Being consumed by a thick ninja is no shame and Xiaoyu is actually lucky.

With Xiaoyu being so puny it was rather hard to see her so I introduced a second angle which solely focused on Master Raven's tongue and her prey. No one will know why or how Xiaoyou disappeared as the crafty ninja covers her tracks well, consuming shrunken Xiaoyu entirely.

Kazumi is yet another victim of Master Raven's shrink ray gun as she is shrunken and kept in a small bottle like a bug. The kunoichi towers over Kasumi, paying her little attention as the demonress begs for her life, praying that she will be returned to normal size and released from subjugation.

The little woman is powerless and at the mercy of a beautiful yet deadly ninja who isn't showing an ounce of compassion. She knows her time is almost up and begs for mercy, though her screams are scarcely heard no matter how hard she wails. This is the power of being a giantess and Master Raven plays her role well, addicted to the power it beckons.

While Xiaoyu, Asuka and Heiachi's wife are the first victims inducted into Master Raven's hall of pain, many other characters will soon be at the mercy of Master Raven. I'm planning on having her run through the entire cast of female characters although this will take some time and depend on what models are available in Source Filmmaker.

The reason why Kasumi, Asuka and Xiayou were first is because at the time these were the only high quality models available in Source Filmmaker, other than a Christie Monteiro and Leo model which had been sitting on steam's sfm workshop. Christie nor Leo felt fitting for encounters with Master Raven, so it was Xiaoyu and Asuka who were the first to be shrunker-fied.

Tekken 7 giantess Master Raven and Kazumi
Kazumi begs for her life

The idea that Master Raven is this cruel woman who shrinks her victims, only to capture and crush them is stimulating and bringing these ideas to life in Source Filmmaker is really fun. When you love working with a character, it's easy to come up with an abundance of scenarios for them and this is the case with Master Raven.

Master Raven's path of destruction as a giantess has only begun but that's definitely not the only thing I've been doing with her. In fact she's been spending a lot of time with her partner Raven. Jin has Xiayou, but what about Raven? Well that's where Master Raven comes into it.

I didn't want my artwork of Master Raven to consist of only giantess and feet pics so I took upon myself to create safe for work artwork which Raven and Tekken fans can relish and digest comfortably. Pairing Master Raven with her subordinate made the most sense, it's a no brainier after all.

I realised after porting her to Source Filmmaker, that Master Raven would need a playmate and Raven is the only character in the series she has any history and connection to beside her Tekken 7 story rival Sergei Dragunov, a character who isn't exactly the most interesting.

What I love about the Ravens is that their backgrounds are mysterious and little is known about their personal lives, making it rather easy to create headcanons without conflicting with canon lore and small trivial. Not even their real names have been revealed, which should tell you everything you need to know.

Master Raven is the boss and Raven answers to her every beck and call. This is the basis of  their relationship in my headcanon. Considering Master Raven is Raven's superior, this isn't so far from the truth, with the beautiful kunoichi even replacing him in Tekken 7. 

Since porting Raven to SFM, I have created several lewd pictures featuring the pair which can't be linked here for obvious reasons. Though recently I have also being creating sfw renders featuring the duo on missions and generally being touchy with one another. For years fans have shipped Jin and Xiayou, Nina Williams and Kazuya etc, so it's only fitting that Raven has finally found his queen.

This is the beauty when imagination meets Source Filmmaker. I have a lot more in store for Master Raven in the coming months and will be pushing out tons more new content featuring the thick kunoichi whether it's giantess, feet or general fanart, so stayed tuned.


  1. Master Raven is bae, I love her so much and she's the reason i bought Tekken on launch day.

  2. Good lord, master raven is so thicc and her custom feet are pretty.

  3. I honestly wish she had a Taki Soul Calibur dlc costume as an easter egg. That outfit would really show all her juicy curves.

    1. Why Taki, just because they're both ninjas doesn't mean anything. That same rule could be applied to Raven and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. I don't see the connection beside them being female ninjas.

    2. Well it's simple really, first they use both use ninjastu as a fighting style. Both also wear tight body suits as mentioned in the article and finally both were created by Bandai Namco and are the only female ninjas in their respective video game titles.

      All I'm saying is Master Raven would look really good in Taki's outfit and could be made available through the Tekken 7 character customization as an optional but exclusive clothing for this thick woman shinobi.

    3. I actually see your point now and you're right, Master Raven would look yummy in Taki's bodysuit and they do share some similarities. I'd say she's a cross between Kunimitsu, Taki and Raven.

  4. Damn those feet pictures look legit, Idec about the Tekken bowl mode I just want Namco to hurry up and release the swimsuit dlc so i can fight with master raven barefoot.

    It's a pity Namco didn't learn from EA Sports UFC 2 and give the dark skin characters like Eddy Gordo, Master Raven, Craig Marduk and Christie Monteiro pale palms and foot.

  5. I'm already a huge Naruto fan, so seeing a voluptuous ebony female ninja debut onto the main roster was the icing on the cake for me.


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