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Is Helles the Hottest Female Dragon Ball Character?

While Dragon Ball Super fans are creaming their pants over female saiyans Caulifla and Kale, the goddess of destruction from universe 2 is as hot as they come. In the series history, never has there been such an exotic and comely woman with Helle's physical appearance and attributes.

The female God of Destruction turned heads when she made her debut appearance in Dragon Ball Super's Universe survival Saga. Helles is extraordinarily pretty with a slender body, deep brown skin and large green eyes. She wears bight red lipstick, along with braids that have gold beads at the end of them.

Helle's design resembles that of an ancient Egyptian goddess, while her outfit is in similar fashion to the other Gods of Destruction. She wears what appears to be an ancient Kemet attire which includes a headdress, long white skirt and brown boots. It's also interesting to know that she was designed by both 
Akira Toriyama and Toyotarō.

Whenever the conversation for hottest Dragon Ball female character comes up, it's usually a tie between Dragon Ball Z ladies Bulma, Android 18, Videl or Maron, but Dragon Ball Super has changed the game and bought forth a new generation of female characters who are that much hotter in appearance.

Not to say the previous Dragon Ball ladies are inferior or are no longer attractive, but you have to admit Dragon Ball Super has quite the eye candy on display. What's also special about these new females are their distinct features. No single female character looks alike compared to DBZ, one example being Bulma and Krillin's ex girlfriend.

Dragon Ball Z had tons of hot female characters even outside of the main cast who all looked amazing, but ever since Dragon Ball Super, the bar has been raised higher in terms of aesthetics. Girls like Helles, Caulifla and Vados are just some of unique looking women who have already made a great first impression.

While Dragon Ball Super isn't quite in the same league as it's forerunner, there's no denying the fact that this anime has some beautiful woman who ring circles around the competition. Where else can you find exquisite beings who not only possess great beauty but also have heaps of Godly power at their disposal.

Universal 6's angel Vados was a serious contender for being one of Dragon Ball Super's sexiest female characters, that was until Helles made her grand debut. There's just something special about Helles that transcends her peers. She's also fitting to be Universe's 2 God of Destruction, a world filled to brim with beautiful woman in all shapes and sizes.

Helles Universe 2 God of Destruction

She's currently a minor character with not much screen time, yet that doesn't change the fact Helles is hardcore eye candy with a comely and unique appearance, a character design that is definitely not the norm in Dragon Ball's expansive universe.

What is it that makes Helles one of the hottest Dragon Ball Female characters to exist? Well that's quite easy. Most notably her brown skin, stylish long braids and doll face. She's exotic to the Dragon Ball world and those traits alone would have been reason enough for Helles to be crowned hottest female, but that's most certainly not the only reason.

For one Helles wears the hell out of her God of Destruction garbs, which reveals a primed stomach and cute belly button. Aside from Lord Beerus she's for certain the only God of Destruction who looks fitting in her attire. It just doesn't mesh well with the other characters, who look quite comical in comparison.

Helles may be known for her bright green eyes, but those juicy lips deserve just as much attention. A glance at her episode appearances reveal the God of Destruction loves wearing a bold, bright red lip. Her full and sensuous lips look real inviting. Animated Plump and full is the reason Helle's mouth looks so kissable.

Did we mention how fit and healthy she looks? Helles isn't thick or curvy but she doesn't have to be. The God of Destruction's slender and petite body is sexy enough. She may not have a massive rear end or large melons sitting on her chest, but Helles more than makes up it with pure captivating beauty.

Hottest Dragon Ball character Helles

Besides her beauty, those aren't the only reasons why Helles is hot. The female God of Destruction is a powerful being capable of destroying multiple planets. She destroys things that she considers hideous and rivals her Angel attendant, Sour, as one of the strongest beings in Universe 2, and among the most mighty in all twelve Universes.

Helles is an alpha female pure and simple, this is another factor which makes her extremely hot outside of appearances. Helles may be slim in size but she'd snap you in half if necessary, using the power of love and raw annihilating ki energy. The idea of a female God who thirsts for destruction is an arousing concept in itself and Helles plays her role well.

While we haven't seen Helles in action, as a God of Destruction she is mighty and ruthless. These qualities are enchanting, especially for a woman in Goku's cutthroat dimension. It's not to say every female character has to be strong, but a matter of fact is in the series' past beside Android 18, Fasha and Arale, there hasn't been much women who could go toe to toe with their male counterparts, so it's refreshing a powerful woman such as Helles.

These are the reasons why Helles is one of, if not the hottest Dragon Ball female character in recent memory. Yes Bulma and Android 18 are extremely hot but there's a new hottie in town and these two have to share the spotlight. Hopefully Helles isn't regulated to a permanent minor character and we see more of her after the Tournament of Power.

Even though each universe participating in the tournament will be eliminated until one sole team is victorious, we're certain that these characters will return and most likely be bought back by the Super Dragon Balls at one point. It's at this moment that Helles should be given a more prominent role. To simply throw her away after the tournament would be a waste of character design for such a young and attractive deity.


  1. I really like Helles, I do think she's hotter than Bulma and Android 18 but i'm sad she's gonna be erased by Zeno in the Tournament of Power. There's no way Universe 2 is beating Universe 6 or Universe 7 without some kind of miracle

    1. What makes you say that? Have some faith. Universe 2 is like one of the strongest worlds in the tournament. I'm sure they're not fodder like the pride troopers and will eliminate some strong foes.

    2. Like who? It's not happening lol. Okay maybe they'll eliminate a human character like Tien or Master Roster but I don't see them getting the chance to when they have to constantly deal with Android 17 and Goku.

    3. I feel like Vegeta and Android 17 are gonna job to Universe 2, possibly even Android 18. Though it could be a surprise elimination. Toppo, Jiren and Hit could possibly finish Universe 2 off but I don't think that'll be anytime soon as the episodes for Tournament of power are dragging on.

  2. You're so right dude, but it's a shame that Dragon Ball took so long to create such a beautiful brown skinned WOC. She's like the first one right? The first episode aired in 1986 correct? That's a pretty poor track record. Regardless I'm just glad they finally made an exotic female character who isn't pale.

  3. Helles is so hot and the best God of Destruction, sorry Beerus and Whis.

  4. I used to have a huge crush on Android 18 as a kid but Helles is my new waifu babe in dbs.

  5. I don't see the hype for Kale and Caulifla, they're bordeline lol-is. Vados, Bulma and Helles are mature woman who deserve all the love.

  6. Why is this even a question? Helles is the sexiest Dragon ball girl period. I'm not saying Videl, Bulma, Android 18 or Chi chi aren't fine but they have nothing on the female goddess.

  7. Helles is hot as hell. But I don't know why I consider that new girl in the town called Yurin the hottest of them all. She has something that I don't know.


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