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Street Fighter V Unleashes Hot Goddess Menat

Capcom have unveiled that fortune teller Menat will be the newest DLC character joining Street Fighter V's roster. She was revealed during the 2017 E-Sports Festival in Hong Kong. Making her debut appearance in Ed’s Story Mode . Menat is a hot dark skinned mystic who's fighting style is similar to Street Fighter Alpha's Rose and Soul Calibur's Violet. From her trailer it seems Menat’s fighting technique depends heavily on manipulating her orbs or possibly crystal balls thus the fortune teller reference, as she can utilise them to both mix-up an enemy player while dishing out some serious damage. In Menat's trailer we also get a look at both her story and battle outfits which look absolutely hot beyond words. Also revealed are some new 30th anniversary costumes for characters that will release on the same day Menat is to be playable. Menat is also known as the “eyes of the future”, and her look is centralized around ancient Egyptian motifs similar to Dra

Is Helles the Hottest Female Dragon Ball Character?

While Dragon Ball Super fans are creaming their pants over female saiyans Caulifla and Kale, the goddess of destruction from universe 2 is as hot as they come. In the series history, never has there been such an exotic and comely woman with Helle's physical appearance and attributes. The female God of Destruction turned heads when she made her debut appearance in Dragon Ball Super's Universe survival Saga . Helles is extraordinarily pretty with a slender body, deep brown skin and large green eyes. She wears bight red lipstick, along with braids that have gold beads at the end of them. Helle's design resembles that of an ancient Egyptian goddess, while her outfit is in similar fashion to the other Gods of Destruction. She wears what appears to be an ancient Kemet attire which includes a headdress, long white skirt and brown boots. It's also interesting to know that she was designed by both  Akira Toriyama and Toyotarō. Whenever the conversation for hottest Drag

Why Nadine Ross is Sexy

ARMS: Twintelle meets Doc Louis

Twintelle and Punch Out!! Doc Louis Nintendo's Arms and Punch Out share several similarities, one being that they're both first party Nintendo boxing games with an array of vibrant, colorful characters who have distinct designs and pack a mean punch. It's no secret that Arms is the Punch Out successor for Nintendo Switch. With my lazy comparisons out the way let's focus on Arms break out star Twintelle , yes the mega diva who overshadowed the entire roster of Arms with her juicy assets. I've seen several artworks featuring Punch Out's main protagonist Little Mac and Twintelle on Deviantart, although I wanted to do something different. Enter Doc Louis, an ex heavyweight champion, Little Mac's coach and a well known chocoholic. Thus the inspiration for my next render was envisioned. As stated Doc Louis loves chocolate bars and Twintelle is a caramel beauty from head to toe, who also happens to have the best Nintendo tushy. Let's make one thing cl